A Man Impregnated Twin Sisters, Bragged About It On Social Media, And Got Mercilessly Dragged

A man who impregnated twin sisters has been enthusiastically bragging about his “accomplishment” on social media, although the reaction from many social media users has been less than warm.

Keonyae Banks’s Instagram account and Facebook profile both paint the same picture of the Compton, California, man. His photos on both social media platforms are somewhat mundane, showing him and his friends smoking weed, driving around, posing in front of cars, et cetera. He doesn’t specify what his job is — at least, not on the public version of his Facebook page. His Facebook posts are all seemingly banal updates about his daily life — a picture here, a meme there, a pointed observation here or there about what’s been going on.

His relationship status, according to his Facebook profile, is “In a relationship.” Although, as you’ll see below, he probably should have chosen “It’s complicated” instead.

Keonyae isn’t just a regular guy from Compton. He’s also, apparently, quite the ladies man, as he has managed to woo twin sisters. And his success with the ladies doesn’t appear to have stopped at just wooing. Observing the Instagram pic below, it appears that he managed to get both women pregnant at roughly the same time. What’s more, he says, they’re both “cool” with it.

The embedded snapshots below tell the tale. Keonyae is pictured, as are two women, each extremely pregnant. The original Instagram photos are still available, as of this writing.

The Shade Room got to the bottom of it, and it appears that the twin sisters are named Nia and Nydia. Not only are they twin sisters, they’re seemingly also roommates. They allegedly met Keonyae at a gym, where we worked as a a personal trainer. Nia got pregnant first, followed by Nydia a month later.

Both sisters repeat Keonyae’s claim that they are quite content with sharing the same man between them, claiming that they make a happy “throuple” — and that they plan to continue their relationship for as long as it works out.

Not everyone is as OK with this situation as the three main players are, however. As The Whistler notes, social media users have been open with their criticism of the whole thing.

“That’s basically Incest… That’s gross. And I guess I don’t share my man period. But to me it’s pure ignorant. He’s disgusting for that,” one user wrote.

“WoW, I hope you got money to send them kids to therapy because they’re going to need it,” a second critic remarked on social media.

Nia and Nydia’s children, once they’re born, will simultaneously be cousins and half-siblings. The dictionary definition of such relatives is “Sororate” sibling, if they have different mothers — who are sisters — but the same father, as in the case of Keonyae, Nia and Nydia. Children would be considered “Levirate” siblings if they had shared different fathers — who are brothers — but the same mother.

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