‘General Hospital’ Star Chloe Lanier Returns To The Set, But She May Not Be Back Again As Nelle Just Yet

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General Hospital fans are anxious to see Michael learn that his baby with Nelle is still alive, and many would anticipate that actress Chloe Lanier might return for a short arc at whatever point this finally plays out. On Tuesday, Lanier shared via social media that she was back on the GH set. That could have been exciting news, but it looks like she was just back to take part in a Facebook Live event.

It has been a while since Nelle has been seen, and General Hospital spoilers suggest that this baby swap storyline will carry on for the foreseeable future. However the truth eventually emerges, it seems virtually guaranteed that Chloe would be back to play a part in the fallout.

Some General Hospital fans started speculating about a possible Lanier return earlier this month. Chloe posted a selfie on Instagram with a simple caption about how “she” was back, and many of her followers immediately started to question whether this meant she would be portraying Nelle again.

It could have simply been a selfie Lanier posted to highlight her newly-done hair, but many General Hospital fans suspected that her recent share might be more than that. Then, on Tuesday, Chloe shared a clip via her Instagram Stories that added to the speculation.

Lanier shared that she was hanging out with Eden McCoy in her General Hospital dressing room. Eden, who plays Josslyn, has remained close friends with Chloe. McCoy shared a peek of Lanier in her dressing room via her Instagram Stories as well, and she added a “bestie’s back” note to it.

However, General Hospital fans then saw that Lanier was one of a handful of current and former cast members who did a Facebook Live event. The gathering was to honor all of the GH stars who have been nominated for Daytime Emmy Awards, and it turns out that Hayley Erin (Kiki), Dominic Zamprogna (Dante), Max Gail (Mike), and Patricia Bethune (Nurse Mary Pat) were involved, too.

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Luckily, Lanier has remained open to returning for short stints here and there in order to carry on Nelle’s storyline. It doesn’t look like Chloe has necessarily filmed any new scenes lately, but General Hospital fans have got to think there will be something incorporated in the near future.

What will it take for the truth about Michael and Nelle’s son to emerge? General Hospital spoilers have suggested that things could get crazy in the coming weeks in terms of Willow’s desperation to protect “Wiley” — the baby she thinks is the son she placed for adoption, but who is actually Michael’s son, Jonah.

However, Willow learning that this baby isn’t her son — and the truth emerging that he’s really Jonah — may not take place at the same time. Additional General Hospital spoilers regarding how this will play out should emerge soon, and fans are anxious for details.