'Veronica Mars' Gets Full-Length Trailer -- Here's What Fans Can Expect From The Highly Anticipated Revival

Fans of the highly anticipated revival of Veronica Mars recently got a taste of what's to come from the latest installment of the beloved series. With a new trailer posted to the official Instagram account of the reboot, "Marshmallows," as the series' rabid fans are referred to, now know a bit about the upcoming plot. Fans have also been treated to a couple of answers surrounding their questions about where their favorite characters are today, and what those characters might be up to.

In the trailer, we see Kristen Bell, as Veronica Mars, heading off for a nighttime jog. In a voiceover, Veronica quips that losing her best friend at age 17 has left her with little mercy. As a man appears from the darkness to mug her, she turns on him, slams him to the ground, and zaps him with her iconic taser. She snaps a photo of her assailant, "for the gram," before the trailer dives deeper into what fans can expect from the Hulu series.

The camera pans over spring break at Neptune Beach, a scene which Veronica refers to as "sketchy." She shares that Neptune had been experiencing a crime wave, and then a bomb goes off at a beachside resort -- one that was hosting a volleyball tournament which she was attending.

Of course, fans of Veronica Mars and her on-again, off-again beau -- Logan Echolls, played by Jason Dohring -- caught what was the first glimpse of their favorite couple together again. Logan, participating in the tournament, flashes Veronica a deep smile as she watches him from the stands, shortly before the explosion.

Veronica then sets off to find out who is behind the crime wave, and to locate the perpetrator who detonated the bomb. Fans also caught a glimpse of some new characters -- and some familiar faces -- belonging to major players in the upcoming season, including Enrico Colantoni, who will return as Keith Mars. Additionally, Patton Oswalt will join the cast, as will veteran actor J.K. Simmons.

Veronica surmises that someone has hatched a plot to destroy Neptune's popular spring break event, causing chaos so as to deter folks from visiting the beachside town. As some short clips pass by to show what will come, Logan finds himself on a beach hugging a bomb, a group of men gather in the desert to take out an unnamed person with guns -- and, of course, Logan and Veronica find themselves wrapped up in each other's arms. This latter scene will come as a delight to followers of the series.

Fans can expect the usual flair of dramatics that the series is well known for -- and for the funny, dry anecdotes from Veronica Mars.

Veronica Mars premieres July 26 on Hulu.