Kindle Book Sales Stronger Than Physical Book Sales Over Holiday Shopping Season

The Amazon Kindle has taken the book publishing world by storm and over the Holiday’s Amazon reported that Kindle users had bought more electronic copies of books than the company had sold in physical form.

The push in sales is largely thanks to users getting their first Kindle for Christmas, but regardless of the reason, it’s an important milestone for Amazon, especially at a time when they’ve begun to experience some tougher competition in the E-reader market from the Barnes & Noble Nook, with other readers expected to hit in 2010.

The main question for Amazon investors heading into 2010 is what Amazon can do to maintain their current momentum and can they build that momentum for ebook sales without drowning out the thousands of other products offered on their website, less we forget much of the companies front page (an important ad space for their products) was overtaken by the Kindle for the holiday shopping season. [Amazon]