Spoilers For Wednesday’s ‘General Hospital’: Oscar Rallies, Loved Ones Hope For Last-Minute Miracle

Craig SjodinABC

Wednesday’s episode of General Hospital is shaping up to be a rough one. Oscar Nero is seemingly nearing the end of his life and the May 1 show will focus entirely on the teen and his loved ones. The sneak peek at the end of Tuesday’s show suggested that there might be good news on the way for Oscar, but is this tidbit too good to be true?

As The Inquisitr previously shared, the May 1 episode will be dedicated entirely to Oscar and those connected to him. As She Knows Soaps notes, there will be a lot of difficult moments featuring Oscar’s loved ones as they face what appears to be his imminent death. Treatments weren’t helping his tumors, and Dr. Terry has said he likely has a matter of days remaining.

Those who love Oscar have been spending time at the Quartermaine mansion, surrounding the teen with love. The sneak peek for Wednesday’s episode shows that there is more of that on the way, but there was a brief moment that quickly generated a lot of buzz.

General Hospital spoilers share that at one point, Oscar will perk up and tell Josslyn that he suddenly feels better. He admits that he can’t explain it, but that something feels different. This will surely give Josslyn a bit of hope, and it might do the same for others like Kim and Drew.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem as if this will last. The Inquisitr has detailed that the preview for the week shows Oscar looking worse and worse, seemingly starting to slip in-and-out of consciousness. At one point, Josslyn will be teary-eyed as she leans over and tells her boyfriend that if he can still hear her, she loves him.

Viewers will have to tune in on Wednesday to see exactly what transpires with Oscar, but it may be that this is a bit of tricky editing. Fans may see that as this happens, Joss is dreaming that Oscar is better, or something of that nature.

It also may be that Oscar is experiencing what is anecdotally said to be a relatively common phenomenon among patients like the teen. As Psychology Today details, patients like Oscar will frequently have a period of “terminal lucidity,” or something like an end-of-life rally.

Scientific American notes that the phrase “terminal lucidity” was coined in 2009 by a German biologist by the name of Michael Nahm. This experience will have the dying patient suddenly seem responsive, energetic, and mentally sharp again.

During this type of experience, the patient may be able to hold conversations well and even want to eat or drink. They may seem like their usual selves again, and this can lead loved ones to think perhaps they have miraculously beaten their disease or at least have more quality time remaining.

Sadly, this period tends to come not long before the patient involves dies. It may come minutes, hours, or perhaps a few days before, but this brief period of lucidity seems to often come close to the time of death.

Is that what is going to happen with Oscar during Wednesday’s show? General Hospital spoilers from the network have not revealed in any definitive way that the teen will die. However, all signs other than this new preview seem to point in that direction.

The teasers that have been released by ABC do not detail anything else specific related to Oscar beyond this May 1 episode. The Inquisitr has shared that Ingo Rademacher returns as Jax on the May 7 episode and that he is returning to town primarily to support Josslyn as she navigates the difficult days ahead. Given that, it seems likely that Oscar will pass away quite soon, with no last-minute miracle recovery saving him.

For now, fans will want to stock up on tissues and brace themselves for some powerful scenes. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Wednesday’s show will be an intense one, and everybody will be anxious to see where this Oscar storyline goes next.