Pete Davidson Bows Out Of Comedy Show After Mention Of Ariana Grande And Kate Beckinsale

Pete Davidson bailed from a stand-up comedy act after he was subject to heckling over past public relationships, reports The Blast.

The Saturday Night Live performer was scheduled to perform a set at Vinnie Brand’s Stress Factory Comedy Club in Bridgeport, Connecticut, on Monday night.

It is said the club owner Vinne Brand was informed by Davidson’s security that under no circumstances would there be cellphones or mention of Ariana Grande and Kate Beckinsale by the club or members in the audience.

Brand told the media outlet that after Davidson arrived at the green room for the show, the comedian’s security guard emphasized the importance of not referring to either of the breakups and requested that he remind the crowd to not taunt or heckle Davidson over the relationships.

Brand instructed the audience to not mention the ex-girlfriends and proceeded to announce Davidson to the stage when he saw the star exiting the building. Brand maintains there were no jokes or taunts made about the women, and he was merely attempting to try and defend the performer.

Reportedly, Brand went after Davidson and pleaded for him to come back and do the show. However, the insulted comedian felt that he was mistreated and refused to carry out the performance. He posted a video afterward where he indicated the owner “disrespected” him and “did something I told him not to do.”

Brand told The Blast that he’s known Davidson and his mother for a long time and was very upset that the incident took place, saying, he had a close friendship with the star.

Even so, Brand’s perspective on the situation is that he was also wronged.

“What Pete did tonight is total bulls*it and unprofessional.”

Davidson promised that he will eventually compensate for the gig by doing a free show for fans in the future.

Brand also said he will compensate all the fans who purchased tickets to Davidson’s show with a free upcoming night of comedy. He also said that he would be ready and willing to do another gig with Davidson if he was ever available to return to the Stress Factory.

Davidson recently ended another fling, splitting from actress Kate Beckinsale after three months of dating. A source told PageSix that while Beckinsale had been in Hollywood for a long time, she “struggled with the attention on her relationship with Pete. He lives his life with his heart on his sleeve.”

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