Luke Perry’s Daughter Will Honor Her Late Father In The Sweetest Way

Dimitrios KambourisGetty Images

Luke Perry’s daughter, Sophie, has a goal in mind to make sure that the late actor’s memory lives on. As People Magazine reported, Sophie has decided to open up a preschool in Malawi, Africa, and the school will be named after her father who died nearly two months ago following complications from a massive stroke at the age of 52.

Sophie took to Instagram to share the exciting news, thanking everyone who donated to her latest project and for all the help she received in putting her plan into action. Sharing a group shot of her team and a few youngsters, she revealed that she “fought” to get the school named after her father, and with the help of her partner, Ruben, she was able to see the idea through.

Sophie’s preschool, which she called the “first” — leading folks to believe that there will be more than one — will open its doors on Wednesday.

As People further shared, Sophie was in Africa when her father suffered a massive stroke that ultimately took his life. She hurried home to be by his side and to support her family. She was with the 90210 alum when he passed away.

Following Luke’s passing, Sophie penned a heartfelt note to fans on Instagram, thanking them for their support during a difficult time. The 18-year-old shared that she was unsure of what to do or say, especially in the “public eye,” and she added that she was grateful for all the love she had received.

She also shared that grieving in her own, quiet way has caused some backlash from online trolls. In a separate Instagram post, she expressed that she’s been getting a lot of attention in the wake of her father’s passing, and it’s attention that she didn’t ask for. She said that she’s young, sometimes “swears like a sailor,” and dresses “like a hooker,” but she’s going to laugh and smile while living her life because that’s what her father would have wanted for her.

She also added that she’s upset, and she’s trying to heal, but being out and about doing the things she loves shouldn’t be fodder for the internet to bash her. Sophie shared that her father wouldn’t want her to sit in her room and cry alone until the “internet has deemed it appropriate” for her to do otherwise.

Sophie returned to Africa at the beginning of the month and has been sharing some shots of her time there to Instagram. Though she revealed that it was emotional for her to return, she has someone important that she wants to make proud.