Coby Ryan McLaughlin Teases Juicy ‘General Hospital’ Spoiler, Shares Glimpse Into ‘Rough Day At The Office’

Todd WawrychukABC

General Hospital spoilers have already teased that the Dawn of Day storyline will continue to shake things up throughout Port Charles for at least a while longer yet. Actor Coby Ryan McLaughlin has made a big impact in the role of Shiloh Archer, the head of DOD, and he briefly shared a juicy teaser via his social media page.

On Monday afternoon, McLaughlin posted — and subsequently quickly deleted — a shot on Instagram showing half of his face and a bit of his upper body. He noted that it had been a rough day at the office and he added hashtags signaling that he was indeed referring to his General Hospital character of Shiloh.

The shot showed McLaughlin all beat up, one arm in a sling as he donned a hospital gown and had bruising and abrasions around one eye. While he didn’t share specifics, it seems likely that this is all makeup and costuming and it gives a couple of tantalizing tidbits related to the Shiloh storyline.

Given the photo and caption, it looks like Shiloh is going to be getting beaten pretty badly at some point soon. The most obvious suspect will surely be Jason, as the two have already had multiple run-ins with one another.

However, by the time the storyline builds to the point where this will air, Shiloh may well have others in Port Charles anxious to get physical with him.

The other interesting tidbit with this photo is the timing. If this is a photo that is new, taken today or recently while McLaughlin was filming, the General Hospital scenes will probably air in early June. Whether fans take that as good news or bad, it would seem that Shiloh’s cult-like grip on Port Charles will continue for at least another month.

The Inquisitr has previously teased that the May sweeps period will be filled with quite a bit of Dawn of Day drama. Chase and Michael’s friendship will be tested over this, as will Willow and Chase’s romance.

There’s at least one more confrontation on the way involving Shiloh and Willow, and General Hospital spoilers hint that viewers haven’t seen the last of Harmony yet. Sam is going full-speed ahead in trying to gain access to the secret Kristina gave Shiloh as well as the inner circle of DOD.

SheKnows Soaps details that Sam and Jason will formulate a potentially dangerous plan to accomplish their goals, but they may have it backfire on them. This since-deleted Instagram shot showing “Shiloh” all beaten up may give fans a bit to ponder as they wait to see how much longer this storyline shakes things up.

Coby Ryan McLaughlin deleted the post within an hour or so of having initially shared it, and General Hospital fans would guess that the shot perhaps shared a little too much in terms of storyline spoilers. Fans will be anxious to learn more and it seems that some pretty wild stuff is on the horizon.