Brooke Shields Reveals Her Secret For Staying Slim At 53

Brooke Shields is comfortable in her own skin at age 53, but that doesn’t mean she’s not doing all she can to fight the effects of aging on her body. The former teen model has revealed that she now utilizes a body-contouring procedure to zap away fat cells under her skin, and it has eliminated nagging problem areas she was having trouble with.

Shields told People she partnered with SculpSure after accepting the fact that aging is simply “going to happen” no matter how much she works out. The FDA-approved SculpSure procedure uses a targeted laser to damage fat cells under the skin, which are then eliminated by the body’s lymphatic system and are never regenerated, per the company’s website.

Brooke Shields admitted that she looks and feels her best when she works out a lot, gets enough sleep, and drinks more water and less alcohol. But the mom of two added that despite her healthy lifestyle and rigorous workout routine, she still gets those pesky fat deposits known as “love handles,” which is why she turned to the laser procedure.

Shields told People that while she tries to keep herself fit and healthy with proper diet and exercise, it’s a lot of work and it still doesn’t stop certain areas of the body from retaining weight.

“And the older you get, the harder it is. There are some spots that no matter what I did, no matter how much weight I lost, they were still there. They caused me to be insecure, and for all of the hard work that I was doing, that was really frustrating to me.”

Shields revealed that she has done the laser treatments on her “love handles” and stomach and has seen a “noticeable difference” as she remains muffin-top free.

Brooke Shields grew up in the modeling industry so she has seen it all. As a young girl, she said she was even fat-shamed by her own mother, according to Page Six. Shields said her late mom Teri repeatedly told her she had a “fat a**.”

Shields also said the attitude she got from bigwigs in the modeling industry also made her self-conscious about her body. Shields said she was known as a cover girl, not a supermodel, and was always photographed from the neck up because she didn’t have a typical model’s body.

These days, Brooke Shields has no problem being photographed full-body. The 53-year-old beauty recently posed on a beach in Puerto Rico for pal Helena Christensen as she modeled Christensen’s Staerk and Christensen swimsuit line

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