New Batman Actor Reportedly To Be Announced This Week

According to an insider on social media, an announcement about the next actor to play the title role in The Batman could come as early as this week, reports

Twitter user Daniel Richtman, a past source of industry news, revealed the information on Saturday evening.

The Batman casting is upon us, maybe even this week.”

The last person to wear the cowl was Ben Affleck, who admitted that after starring Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League he just wasn’t able to “crack” the role of the caped crusader as writer and director of the film.

Matt Reeves, the director of War for the Planet of the Apes, took control of the project and was rumored to be searching for a “familiar face” in their 20s to play a younger, inexperienced character in the DC entry.

After Affleck bowed out, new speculation emerged that placed actor Armie Hammer at the forefront of actors being considered by Reeves and Warner Bros. However, as We Got This Covered reported, Hammer eventually shot down the rumor in an interview with Yahoo Movies UK, admitting that no one had even contacted him concerning the role.

“No one who can actually give me the job has asked me if I’m interested. I don’t even know if they are done – they are still working on a script. I don’t think that they are close to production but I can conclusively tell you that no one has checked my availability, which is a bummer.”

When asked if anyone had come to him about the role on The Tonight Show, he answered, “No, damn it,” adding that “of course” he would play the next Batman if asked.

“Who wouldn’t want to be Batman? I think every guy in this audience would want to be Batman if they could. It’s a good gig.”

Hammer originally came very close to having the role of Bruce Wayne, as he was proposed as the Dark Knight of George Miller’s canceled Justice League: Mortal movie.

Affleck told ET Canada he is eager to see Reeves’ The Batman and said the film had a great director. He confirmed the plans for a version with a younger actor taking place towards the beginning of Batman’s career.

Reeves described as the project as a wholly original “point of view-driven, noir Batman tale,” a thrilling and emotional story told “squarely on the shoulders” of the main character.

He has also said this version of Batman will operate as more of a detective than in past films, where audiences will see him go on a journey of tracking down criminals and attempting to solve a crime. He added that having that kind of an arc will allow the superhero to also go through a transformation.

The Batman is set to start filming at end of 2019 and is scheduled for release in theaters June 25, 2021.

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