Randall Emmett’s Wikipedia Page Vandalized By Fans Taking 50 Cent’s Side In Feud

Manny Carabel/Amanda EdwardsGetty Images

As if the feud between Lala Kent, Randall Emmett, and 50 Cent couldn’t get any weirder, somehow it found a way. To make an extremely long and bizarre story short, 50 Cent is allegedly upset over a $1 million loan he gave to Randall, which has yet to be paid back. The “In Da Club” rapper took his frustrations to Instagram, where he trolled Randall’s fiancee, Lala, about her behavior on Vanderpump Rules. The rapper chose a specific scene where Lala details sleeping with Randall on the first night that they met, and how she received a Range Rover the next day.

Most of the feud has been documented on 50 Cent’s Instagram page, where he has shared several screenshots of his exchanges with Randall since the feud began. As The Inquisitr previously reported, Randall claimed he was going to the Emergency Room after fearing a heart attack from their online altercation. Randall also mistakenly misspelled 50’s name in several of the texts, calling him “fofty” and not “fifty” which sparked a Twitter trend.

The feud exploded, to say the least, and people who had never heard of Vanderpump Rules or Randall, have had a crash course in the last 24 hours thanks to 50 Cent. Things have gotten so out of hand, that someone went to Wikipedia and edited Randall’s page. Screenshots of the page were shared around social media last night, but 50 finally caught and glimpse and shared the edited page on his Instagram.

Underneath Randall’s brief bio, a new paragraph was added:

“He owes 50 cent (aka Fofty) a million by monday or else. He’s faked a heart attack to get out of it thus far.”

One of 50’s posts which trolled Randall had the title “Money by Monday, Randall” which has even caused people to create countdowns online until Monday hits. The rapper and actor admitted that he received $250,000 after the feud started, but he was holding out for the remaining 75 percent by Monday. Needless to say, those following the feud will be paying close attention to 50 Cent’s Instagram feed all day Monday.

An hour after 50 Cent shared the Wikipedia screenshot, he shared yet another after the website removed the added material and locked the page. The new screenshot had a message at the bottom of it which read, “This page is protected to prevent vandalism,” a note 50 Cent said he had never seen on the popular website before.

Randall and Lala have stayed relatively quiet about the feud on social media. Lala initially responded to the digs by 50 Cent, but has removed all of her comments and has since taken the silent approach.