‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Dawn Of Day Has One Mother-Daughter Pair Scrambling For Cover

Todd WawrychukABC

General Hospital spoilers for the days ahead tease that things will remain complicated in relation to Shiloh and his Dawn of Day organization. Kristina is resistant to let go of DOD while Sonny, Alexis, Sam, and others are desperate to protect her. New teasers indicate that both Sam and Alexis will find themselves backed into corners soon, scrambling to maintain covers.

Viewers watched this past week as Kristina got her hands on Alexis’ phone and reached out to Valerie. The new print edition of Soap Opera Digest reveals that as Valerie and Chase get more involved in investigating Krissy’s whereabouts, they will manage to trace that call to Alexis’ phone.

Valerie and Chase will track down Alexis and General Hospital spoilers note that they will essentially ambush her to try to get the truth. However, co-head writer Shelly Altman teases that Alexis will quickly come up with a story that buys her some time.

“We all have iPhones that look like each other’s, so she is able to come up with a credible story about how her phone would end up in Kristina’s hands.”

It seems that the two detectives will remain suspicious and Alexis and Valerie will cross paths again soon. According to SheKnows Soaps, at the end of the week somehow Alexis will sneak by Valerie, so it may be that the detective is having Alexis surveilled in hopes of finding Krissy, or something similar.

Sam is following a different path to trying to eliminate Dawn of Day as a threat to her family. She has been getting closer and closer to Shiloh in hopes of gaining access to his inner circle and she seems to be on the verge of achieving her goal. However, things aren’t progressing as quickly as she would like.

The latest SOD spoilers reveal that soon Sam will manage to get into the Dawn of Day records room where she will be determined to find the records of the secret that Kristina gave Shiloh. However, Shiloh will catch her in there.

Luckily, Sam always manages to come up with a story that Shiloh believes, which will be the case once again. Altman points out that as shady as Shiloh is, Sam has an advantage.

“She comes up with a clever cover. What she has in her favor is Shiloh’s clear attraction to her, which helps her talk her way out of situations.”

After this incident, General Hospital spoilers note that Sam, Jason, and Sonny will reassess and consider their options.

How far will Sam go to get what she wants from Shiloh? Will Chase and Valerie find Kristina before Krissy is ready to walk away from DOD under her own volition? General Hospital spoilers suggest that this will take some crazy twists and turns in the days ahead.