Spirit Awards Host Andy Samberg’s ‘F*** You Oscars’ Joke Falls Flat

At Saturday’s Independent Spirit Awards, host Andy Samberg tried to rile up the indie circuit by extending an unapologetic “F*** you” to the Oscars.

If you don’t know about the Independent Spirit Awards, they’re basically an Oscars for independent filmmaking, notes MSN. Comedian and Saturday Night Live regular Andy Samberg was the host for this year’s Spirit Awards, and attempted to break the ice by riling up some hate for the ISA’s mainstream rivals.

“We have one thing to say to Hollywood: F*** you,” said Samberg in his opening monologue. It didn’t blow over so well with the audience, so what did Samberg decide to do? Double down, of course!

“Oscars, f*** yourself,” he went on. “This is our Oscars, and even if we were invited, which I was not, we will not be going … Everybody say it with me: Hollywood, f*** you.”

Nobody in the audience made a peep.

Probably because many members in the audience are in fact members of A-list Hollywood. You see, these people called “film stars” like to occasionally keep their artistic credibility up by starring in lower budget independent film. Just this past year you had Bruce Willis in Moonrise Kingdom, Jennifer Lawrence in Silver Linings Playbook, and Matthew McConaughey in Magic Mike.

Of course, as The Daily Beast notes, this underscores a “a larger conundrum of the Spirit Awards.”

“Even though the ceremony prides itself as being the rambunctious anti-Oscars, in recent years, it’s been feeling more like the pre-Oscars,” argued Ramin Setoodeh. And he’s right. A lot of the films that took home big prizes at the Spirit Awards are up for Oscars as well.

Of course that’s not the point of this article. The point is that Andy Samberg is a funny guy who probably slightly misunderstood what he was hosting.

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