Khloe Kardashian Kills Internet Trolls With Kindness

Khloe Kardashian has had a rough couple of years, but she is determined to cling onto the positive vibes she’s become known for. Her ex-boyfriend, Tristan Thompson, cheated on her while she was only days away from giving birth to their daughter, True. She initially chose to forgive him and try to make it work for the sake of their daughter. But then in February, he was unfaithful yet again. This time, he cheated with one of Kardashian’s close friends, Jordyn Woods. Kardashian called it quits with Thompson and is now working on focusing on herself and her little girl, all the while exuding positive energy, especially online. While in the past she might have clapped back at the cruel remarks of Internet trolls, she avoids that kind of negativity now, according to Entertainment Cheat Sheet.

Kardashian frequently packs her Instagram and Twitter accounts full of uplifting quotes, mantras, and encouraging messages. She avoids talking about Woods or Thompson and instead exudes gratitude for those in her life that have truly been loyal to her.

Of course, internet haters waste no opportunity at slamming Kardashian every chance they get, whether it be for photoshop mishaps or her parenting. Just last week, Kardashian posted a photo a picture of herself with the caption, “good vibes only.”

The post certainly appeared pretty innocuous, but some trolls didn’t seem to take her message of positivity to heart. One user called Kardashian out for using photo editing tools to hide her natural features, including a mole on her face, which was not visible in the picture.

“One thing that stands out to me is that Khloé has a mole on her face. But yet 90 percent of her photos have been edited to the point where her mole has completely disappeared. It’s as if she think [sic] we are dummies who can’t see how unnatural her selfies are,” one troll wrote.

Kardashian responded not in anger but with as much sweetness as she could muster. It certainly appears that she’s hoping to kill the trolls with kindness. She explained that she was simply wearing makeup that hid the mole and then went as far as to wish the hater a good day.

“I do have A mole on my face. Thank you for noticing! I love my mole but sometimes after we put foundation on, I forget to wipe away the foundation. So sometimes it gets covered. I hope you have a beautiful day! I hope you’re smiling.”

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