‘The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers May Sweeps Preview: Is Adam Newman Really Alive?

Stunning new The Young and the Restless spoilers reveal that Adam Newman, or somebody professing to be Adam, returns to Genoa City, just in time for May sweeps.

New Y&R head writer and co-executive producer, Josh Griffin, discussed the shocking storyline with Soaps In Depth recently, and his words certainly cast some doubt on the recent recast of Adam Newman with Mark Grossman.

“Is the real ‘Adam’ alive? Where has he been? The prodigal son returns home… or does he? When it comes to Adam Newman, one thing you can count on is lots of questions and high-stakes drama for everyone around him,” Griffin teased.

This won’t be the first time Adam returned to Genoa City amidst controversy. Most recently, he showed up as Gabriel Bingham when This Is Us actor Justin Hartley took over the role in 2014. Ultimately, Bingham was revealed as Adam, and Hartley portrayed the second Newman son until he exited in 2016. At that time, Adam was presumed dead in a fiery blast when Chloe (Elizabeth Hendrickson) blew up a cabin with Adam hidden inside. Of course, Adam’s body wasn’t found, which left the door open for his return, and many viewers have hoped for it since the day Chloe caused the cabin’s untimely destruction.

Now Victor (Eric Braeden) has a secret in Las Vegas, and it appears to be connected to Adam, according to The Inquisitr. For ‘The Mustache,” family is everything. However, although things seem okay between Victor and Nick (Joshua Morrow), there’s no way he’s forgotten that Nick impersonated J.T. (Thad Luckinbill) and started Dark Horse behind Victor’s back.

It seems like Victor’s plan could have some unintended consequences for the Newmans, though. According to Griffin, Victor “is keeping a secret that will rock Genoa City to its core!”

“Family means everything to Victor. He will make a decision to strengthen his legacy, but it may end up backfiring with dangerous results for the Newmans!” Griffin explained.

This teaser from the head writer sounds like it is possible that somebody has fooled Victor into thinking he is Adam, but there’s always a chance that this new mystery person is not the presumed dead Adam.

Regardless of who Mark Grossman’s character turns out to be in the end, it is shaping up to be a strong month filled with great storylines, which will make fans excited to tune into Y&R each day to see what happens next.

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