Prince Harry Shows Up At London Marathon, Dashing Hopes That Today’s The Day Meghan Will Give Birth

Naomi BakerGetty Images

Prince Harry unexpectedly turned up at the London Marathon on Sunday, putting to rest any speculation that today is the day his wife, Meghan Markle, is going to give birth to “Baby Sussex,” as the newest Windsor is being called.

As The Telegraph reports, the Duke of Sussex wasn’t expected at the London Marathon, considering that his wife is in the advanced stages of her pregnancy and could give birth any minute now. However, he showed up, hobnobbing with the competitors and posing for pictures. Considering he didn’t stay home with Meghan at Frogmore Cottage, some are calling this pretty solid evidence that she’s not giving birth any time soon, or at least, not today.

Of course, it bears noting that Meghan could very well have been in labor while the Duke visited the London Marathon, but such a rude move would be out-of-character for Harry, to say nothing of the exceptionally bad optics it would create for the Royal Family. So the best conclusion to draw from Harry’s presence at the marathon is that Meghan is resting comfortably at home, not giving birth.

That dashes hope that today would be the big day for royal watchers eagerly awaiting the arrival of the newest member of the Windsor family.

While Meghan was at home not giving birth, Harry was presenting medals to both the overall winner, Eliud Kipchoge, and the winner of the wheelchair division, American Daniel Romanchuk. He also spoke with volunteers and cracked jokes.

Meanwhile, royal watchers will just have to keep waiting for Baby Sussex to make his or her debut.

As is the case with every pregnancy, the due date is fluid, and excluding medical intervention, the baby will arrive whenever he or she feels like arriving. In Meghan’s case, the matter of her due date is further obscured by the fact that she never actually publicly revealed it, and she most certainly didn’t reveal the date when the baby was conceived. That has left royal-watchers to piece together her expected due date by monitoring her abdomen for clues about the state of her pregnancy, which can be a fool’s game considering that every pregnancy — and every pregnant mom — is different.

Nevertheless, the general consensus seems to be that Baby Sussex is due in late April or early May. Considering that it’s now late April — with May just around the corner — the Royal Baby will likely arrive in the coming days.