Porsha Williams Makes Fun Of Fiancé Dennis McKinley's Clothes In Preview From Spin-Off Show

Porsha Williams' new reality show, Porsha's Having A Baby, looks like it's going to have just as much drama as the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Porsha shared an early glimpse of the show on her Instagram page and the clip shows the reality TV star arguing with her fiance, Dennis McKinley. In the video, their main source of conflict is the fact that he's living in her home but most of his belongings are in the basement. Porsha contends that instead of moving his stuff upstairs, he should get rid of some of it instead.

"Babe are you still wearing this?" she asks, as they walk through his makeshift "closet." "Babe, you've got room to purge."

Porsha then pokes fun at some of his clothes, particularly a flannel shirt and a "Coogi" sweater.

"People ain't wearin' this no more," she says of the sweater, apparently ignoring Dennis' attempts to defend his fashion choices.

Over on Bravo TV's website, the super trailer for the show reveals that their living arrangements aren't the only source of conflict in their family. Their mothers also seem to be at odds.

According to a clip referenced by Hollywood Life, there were also disagreements about how Porsha should take care of her baby. In one instance, her sister, Lauren, objected to the fact that she was planning to hire someone full-time to help her care for the newborn.

"I am on maternity leave for three months, I don't understand why you only want me to have daytime help for three weeks," Porsha says, according to Hollywood Life.

"Because you need to bond with the baby," her sister replies. "But if you have people here full-time, you won't."

As People Magazine reports, Porsha delivered her baby via C-section, a week before her due date, about a month ago. In an interview with the magazine, she confessed that her recovery from the surgery hasn't been easy. Juggling the recovery with parenting a newborn has only added an extra layer of difficulty to her life.

"A lot of people think that C-sections are easy — an easier way to give birth...It was difficult," she said.

She also revealed that breastfeeding has been a challenge since her body did not develop enough milk during her pregnancy. Before she gave birth, Porsha thought that feeding her daughter formula instead of breastmilk would have been an easy decision, but is now finding that it isn't that simple now that her baby is here.

Despite all of these hiccups, Porsha told People that she's excited about being a mom and that her baby is everything she ever wished for.

Porsha's Having A Baby premieres on Sunday, April 28, on Bravo.