'Outlander' Is Coming To Netflix In May

Outlander fans can rejoice, because while waiting for Season 5 on Starz, they can soon binge on Seasons 1 and 2 on Netflix. The popular time-traveling show has been streaming on Netflix in Europe for over a year, and at the end of May, Americans can join the party.

Elle says that Outlander, which combines history, romance, fantasy, and war will be arriving on Netflix on May 27, so more viewers can become fans of Jamie and Claire Fraser, following their exploits, loves, and losses.

Based on the Outlander series of novels by Diana Gabaldon, the Starz series tells the story of Claire, a nurse (played expertly by Irish actor Caitriona Balfe), heading to Scotland with her husband to rekindle their relationship after surviving World War II. A twist of fate sends her back to the Scottish Highlands of the 18th century, where she meets Jamie (Sam Heughan), and adventure ensues.

Don't like fantasy novels? No worries, as there is enough of a story based on history, romance, and adventure beyond the time travel leap. The characters have depth, and many aren't too hard on the eyes, so there is literally something for everyone. The series is bold and very binge-worthy.

Book Riot says that the offerings on Netflix are more than enough to get anyone curious started, and suggest that once you are hooked, you can either binge the rest on Starz or start reading the novels.
"Rev up your laptop and catch Outlander on Netflix on May 27. After you've marathoned the first 29 episodes, check out what other Rioters have to say about the book series. Then, if you haven't already, get started on the novels — there are eight of them and they are huge."
And once you get sucked into Outlander, there is hope that there might be a spinoff in the future, due to the popularity of some of the characters Jamie and Claire meet along the way, reports The Inquisitr.

Diana Gabaldon, the author of the Outlander series of books, has also written a series based on the character of Englishman Lord John Grey, who has his own series of novels and novellas about his travels around the United Kingdom, and over to Colonial America. Lord Grey's additional challenge is in reference to his sexuality, which could lead to his death if he makes a wrong move.

Gabaldon wouldn't say much about the potential spinoff.

"Who knows? Interest Has Been Expressed, is about all I could tell you," she teased.