'Jeopardy!' Champ James Holzhauer Has Won 14 Straight Games And Fans Are Losing Interest

James Holzhauer is a 34-year-old Las Vegas sports bettor who has stunned the nation during his impressive 14-day streak on the gameshow Jeopardy!. During his time on the show he has broken several records and absolutely dominated over his competitors. After securing yet another win on Friday evening's program, his grand total of winnings reached $1,061,554 million.

Thus far, no other contestants have come close to stopping him and it looks like it could be awhile before Holzhauer has to part ways with the program and bid farewell to Alex Trebek. However, not everyone is entertained by this champion's winning streak, according to Fox News.

When Holzhauer first made his debut on the show more than two weeks ago, most diehard Jeopardy! fans were impressed by his above-average trivia knowledge. Before more than five minutes had passed on the television program, he was already thousands of dollars ahead of his fellow contestants. Each game he has played since has transpired in a very similar fashion. In fact, it doesn't seem like there is any category in which Holzhauer is not well experienced in. Before his fellow competitors can even buzz in, he has typically already confidentially stated the right answer.

As the episodes continue with Holzhauer remaining the reigning champion, even some loyal Jeopardy! fans are getting bored. Some feel like the show is simply less entertaining now that every episode is so predictable. Many feel that it is about time that another lucky contestant has the chance to take Holzhauer's place and secure some winnings of their own.

One Twitter user voiced their frustration with the show online.

"I'm starting to think #Jeopardy is rigged. Day 15 of the James Show #boring," they wrote.

"I refuse to watch #jeopardy. There's no competition," said another.

Some users feel that the television show needs to place a limit on just how many games a contestant can win.

"@Jeopardy Needs to bring back the 5 game limit for champions! This is boring," one person said.

Nevertheless, Holzhauer is undaunted by the criticism and is simply focusing on the next big win, according to Distractify. His current goal is to not only keep the winning streak going, but also to beat the record of past Jeopardy! champ Ken Jennings. Jennings is perhaps one of the most well-known contestants to star on the show.

He first appeared on the show in 2004 and lasted for 74 days, winning over $3 million.