‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sasha Reveals A Juicy Tidbit, But It May Not Steer Michael Away Yet

Rodin EckenrothGetty Images

Friday’s episode of General Hospital contained a juicy moment involving Sasha, and spoilers suggest that this could become a big deal in the shows ahead. In her sleepy, feverish state of mind, she mumbled about how she wished that Nina was her real mother. Luckily, Nina wasn’t there to hear it. However, Michael was there.

Valentin has gone to great lengths to orchestrate this scheme of making Nina believe that Sasha is her biological daughter. He’s fixed the results of three DNA tests so far, and Sasha has continued to go along with it all. However, now she is starting to fall for Michael — and that will make for an awkward situation.

How will Michael react to hearing this accidental confession from Sasha? General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps indicate that everybody might be left hanging on this front for a bit. Unfortunately, Sasha isn’t mentioned at all in the daily spoilers released at this point, and may not appear again for the next two weeks.

However, viewers know that there will be follow-up of some kind coming soon. Michael is sick as well, so it may be that he brushes off this comment as something he misheard or misunderstood. If he does ask Sasha about it, she will surely scramble and quickly try to cover her tracks.

General Hospital spoilers suggest that whatever comes next as a result of this fevered confession doesn’t cause much of an obstacle in this new romance. The Inquisitr notes that as the May sweeps period progresses, Valentin will learn of Michael and Sasha’s connection — so this pairing definitely continues to heat up in the weeks ahead.

While Nina will be thrilled that Michael and Sasha are becoming “a thing” of sorts, Valentin will be unhappy. He’ll worry about Michael’s connections, and he’ll surely be anxious about Sasha getting close to much of anybody else.

So far, viewers have been given very little in the way of background on Sasha. She knowingly agreed to this scheme with Valentin, but nobody other than these two know why. Could whatever drove her to do this be a sympathetic enough story that Michael will understand — and accept — it, whenever it is revealed?

General Hospital spoilers hint that this secret may be exposed relatively soon, but it’s not known yet what may serve as the catalyst for the truth finally emerging. Michael has a horrible track record when it comes to his love life, so pairing him with someone known to be lying about who she is could end up frustrating fans if the writers aren’t careful.

Everybody will be curious to see where the writers head next with this Michael and Sasha romance, as well as with the Sasha and Valentin scheme. Additional General Hospital spoilers about what’s on the way should become available soon, and it sounds as if this will get quite juicy in the weeks ahead.