CDC iPad App ‘Solve The Outbreak’ Educates And Entertains

The CDC has released a new iPad app which challenges users to investigate and determine the severity of disease outbreaks.

The app, named Solve the Outbreak, is meant to increase awareness of public health outbreaks.

Users take on the role of a CDC researcher who is investigating claims of increasing disease in a given location. The gamer works in the agency’s Epidemic Intelligence Service.

The app features three outbreak scenarios including “Birthday Party Gone Bad.”

In what might be the coolest part of the game, each of the three scenarios are based on real-life cases EIS officers were confronted with and ultimately solved.

According to the Solve the Outbreak app description:

“Do you quarantine the village? Talk to people who are sick? Ask for more lab results?”

Along the way, the game provides very real health tips and provides definitions of various terms in order to educate the gamer.

In a press release for Solve the Outbreak, Carol Crawford, branch chief of CDC’s Electronic Media Branch, reveals:

“This is a great learning tool for science teachers, teens, young adults, public health enthusiasts and mystery lovers.”

The CDC is already working on future releases that would provide Solve the Outbreak users with new and exciting disease solving puzzles.

With thousands of potential diseases to track and mystery’s to solve in real life, the CDC game could offer hours of analytical fun should the CDC continue releasing new challenges.

Give Solve the Outbreak a try, and let us know what you think of the disease solving iPad app.