Kanye West’s Latest Epic Rant: Ye Targets Industry And Justin Timberlake [Video]

London, UK – Kanye West performed in London Friday night, and went on an epic rant for about 10 minutes about Justin Timberlake, corporation, the Grammys, and more.

Ye took issue with Justin Timberlake’s latest single “Suit & Tie” which also features Jay-Z (“I got love for Hov, but I ain’t f***ing with that ‘Suit & Tie'”), took a few jabs at the Grammys, (“Remind me again why the Grammys can suck my d**k?”), criticized the music industry, corporations, pretty much everything.

Quick jib-jabs here and there, the majority of Kanye’s rant was spent on that last point. He really really hates corporate-sponsored music. It’s a Kanye song we all know by now, but let’s sing along one more time:

“And every motherf***ing sponsorship. They trying to put their logos on every concert and sh**. For the meet and greet, you gotta meet the execs and their daughters. And they’ll show you what they just bought her. …

“So, you gonna help me put on a better show, corporations? Can you please support me? Please? Me, Kanye West. I swear I’m a nice leader now. I swear I’ll put the pink polo back on. I swear to you. Please. Just for $3 million. I need it so bad. I need a pool in my backyard! So I’ll tell all my fans your sh** is cool. And if they believe in me, then they’ll also believe in you. ‘Did we get the check yet? I gotta call the business manager. Did the corporations send the check? What is my public rating? Are people liking me again? Enough to get some money from the corporations? They forgot about the whole Beyoncé thing, right? Cool. Is it OK now?’

You remember the Beyoncé thing. This:


Here’s the video of Kanye’s epic London rant.