‘Southern Charm’ Star Kathryn Dennis Filed Restraining Order Against Ravenel ‘Paramour’ Last Year

With the sixth season just two weeks away, Southern Charm interest is increasing with behind-the-scenes drama regarding former cast member Thomas Ravenel’s legal problems. The former politician and his latest girlfriend are reportedly being court documented by Kathryn Dennis, the mother of Revenel’s two children.

According to a recent article, Dennis has filed a request for full custody of the kids via a restraining order against Ravenel’s sometimes girlfriend, Ashley Jacobs. The Blast suggests that in new documents, Dennis requested the restraining order, but a dated family court filing proves this isn’t true even though the Southern Charm star put her request in writing six months ago.

Jacobs, who according to Celebrity Insider was “desperate to film again” is once again accusing Dennis of using the court for attention, saying that she has left Charleston and moved back to California.

“The fact my name was included in Kathryn’s filing is hysterical and she is only trying to stir things up with the show premiere only weeks away … Why are you dragging me into the middle of this, Kathryn?”

According to Charleston County Court, Dennis filed her request on October 25, soon after Ravenel was charged with sexually assaulting the family nanny. In the report, Dennis says she believes it is in the best interest of the children that they make their home base with her since Ravenel is said to be facing trial and possible incarceration based on the charges against him. The filing also mentions a second woman who reportedly settled with Ravenel for what is said to be a similar assault.

The segment on Ravenel’s girlfriend mentions Jacobs by name and refers to several verbal assaults, caught on tape by Bravo, in which the hospice nurse berated Dennis with the information she could have only learned from the former cast member. She clearly states that during most of these episodes, Ravenel stood by and did nothing to stop the outbursts which are in violation of their agreement not to publicly disparage the other parent.

In two pages, Dennis’ documents on the October filing state that she is requesting a restraining order for herself and for the children, preferring that Ravenel’s “paramour” stay away.

The article from The Blast also stated that there was no hearing date scheduled, but the Charleston County Court website states that there is a hearing on June 26 at 11:30 a.m.

But in February, when Ravenel responded to Dennis’ filing, he included Bravo in the lawsuit, claiming that they had put Dennis up to filing the lawsuit to get media attention, says PageSix.

Bravo responded, saying that Ravenel’s claims were ridiculous, adding that if he wants the matter private, he should stop posting about it himself.

“If Ravenel actually wants to stem the public flow of information about this custody dispute, then his recourse is to stop his own public mudslinging in the pleadings he has filed in this case, stop posting photos and videos of his children on the Internet, join Dennis’s request to seal this Court’s records, and/or seek to restrain Dennis from discussing the case.”

The network, asking to be excused from the case, states Bravo has no knowledge of either parents’ relationship with their children.

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