Dog The Bounty Hunter's Wife Beth Chapman Says Rumors Of Her Death Have Been 'Exaggerated'

Though Dog the Bounty Hunter's wife, Beth Chapman, made headlines this week for an alleged death hoax, the reality star is back in action. Beth was spotted in Pueblo, Colorado, along with her husband. There, they were doing what the couple loves to do most -- chasing bad guys.

Beth took to Facebook to share a story from Blasting News that revealed her recent whereabouts -- and she added a little of her signature comedic flair when posting the news to her broad fan base. Though Beth has been sharing little anecdotes here and there as of late, this was the first time she's personally addressed the hoax.

"The rumors of my death have been highly exaggerated," she shared, adding several laughing emojis.

Fans of Beth's hopped right into the comments section of her post and thanked her for the update, expressing their elation over hearing from one of their favorite stars.

As Blasting News also shared, the famous bounty-hunting couple is in Colorado -- filming their new reality series Dog's Most Wanted. They've enlisted the help of a local neighborhood watch group to track down a fugitive, Leonard Trujillo Jr. Allegedly, the man in question is wanted on a handful of felonies, and has been a "menace" to the quiet neighborhood. Several witnesses saw Dog making the rounds while on the hunt for the man, and even caught Beth with him.

Eagle-eyed fans of Beth also saw that she went live on Instagram yesterday. In a now-deleted post, she followed Dog -- and several of his fans -- as he canvassed the neighborhood. It appeared that Beth forgot to turn her camera off when getting into the car and out of the public eye, but her followers caught the first glimpse of her in weeks, effectively putting the rumors to rest -- once and for all.

Following that post, Beth shared a video to Instagram of Dog and his new pals aiming to "make America safe again." Dog held up the wanted poster for Leonard Trujillo Jr. Many fans of the couple jumped into the comments section to express their concern for Beth, and to let her know how happy they are that she is still active, back to doing what she loves.

Dog took to Instagram shortly after the hoax went viral and seemingly shot down the rumors of his wife's passing. Snopes also backed up Dog's claim, and said that although the reality starlet was hospitalized earlier in the month, the hoax seemed to spread via several "click bait" websites that mislead and confused the public.