‘Grocery Store Joe’ Amabile & Kendall Long’s Romance Takes A Leap, ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Stars Make Big Move

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Last summer on Bachelor in Paradise, Kendall Long and “Grocery Store Joe” Amabile kept fans guessing with their romance. They didn’t leave filming together as a couple, but fans know they reunited shortly after that on their own. After months of traveling, they are ready to set down some roots — and they share that they have finally found a new place to call their own.

Joe and Kendall recently hit Coachella and chatted with Extra TV. Amabile mentioned that he does still try to travel back to Chicago once a month or so. In addition to that, he was on the go constantly with the Dancing with the Stars tour he did — and a European vacation he recently took with Long. Now, however, he’s ready to call Los Angeles home for real.

As The Inquisitr shared, Joe and Kendall spent time in Paris, Amsterdam, and later London before heading back to California. Bachelor in Paradise fans may have already had the impression that Joe and Kendall had officially moved in together. Apparently, though, that wasn’t exactly the case.

During their recent chat with Extra, Amabile noted how they had a place in West Hollywood — and then lost it. Joe and Kendall said they were looking for a new place in West Hollywood or Los Feliz, and in Amabile’s latest Instagram post, it seems the couple has landed somewhere great.

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Our new neighbor #wemoved

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Grocery Store Joe shared a shot on Instagram showing him at a restaurant called Terroni, and noted that the place was their new neighbor. The eatery does have a West Hollywood location, so it looks like the Bachelor in Paradise stars were able to find just the right home in the area — right where they were aiming to land.

While Joe and Kendall are not engaged yet, Long said that they wouldn’t be in a serious relationship at this point if they didn’t see things headed that way. Once the Bachelor in Paradise lovebirds get settled into their new place, it sounds as if getting a dog together might be their next move. However, they still have a lot of travel plans on the horizon as well.

Will Kendall Long and Grocery Store Joe Amabile end up settling down and getting married? Bachelor in Paradise fans will be anxious to see if that’s the case, although it doesn’t sound as if it’s imminent. Luckily, Joe and Kendall are seemingly doing quite well — and everybody will be curious to see what comes next for the duo.