Vanessa Hudgens Goes Completely Makeup-Free For New Photo Shoot, ‘Dis Is Meeee’

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Vanessa Hudgens is stripping it all back for a completely makeup-free photo shoot. The stunning former High School Musical star went totally barefaced for People Magazine’s 2019 “Most Beautiful” issue, giving the world a glimpse at her natural beauty a whopping 10 years after she first ditched the cosmetics for a feature with the publication.

Vanessa proudly posed for the camera while showing off her fresh face and gave her many fans a peek at the stunning shoot by posting one of the professional photos to her Instagram account on April 25.

In the caption, she told her more than 33 million followers that she was feeling “honored” to be a part of the magazine’s “Most Beautiful” issue once again and called it “crazy” to be once again posing barefaced a decade after she last went makeup-free.

Fans were full of praise for the body confident singer and actress, sharing a whole lot of support for her in the comments section of the photo she shared online via social media this week.

“Awesome just goes to show beauty doesn’t need make up. Congratulations well deserved,” one follower sweetly told Hudgens. Another then told the star that they thought she was looking “So beautiful!”

A third then wrote in the comments section of the “Say OK” singer’s makeup-free photo, which has received more than 781,000 likes, “beautiful inside and out.”

Inside the pages of the magazine, which boasts Jennifer Garner as its 2019 “Most Beautiful” cover star, Vanessa opened up about going au naturel and revealed that she actually lied a decade ago when she first told People that she felt comfortable without makeup.

“Lie! That is such a lie!” the Second Act actress told the outlet while looking back on her shoot from 10 years ago when she said that she “just learned to be ok” being in public without having her face done up.

Vanessa Hudgens attends the 2019 Vanity Fair Oscar Party
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“I did not feel great about [not] wearing makeup,” Hudgens then confessed of her past white lie. “I feel like just last year I started to feel good without wearing makeup. So that is a lie.”

The star also revealed that she’s learned to love and take care of her face over the years because it’s the only one she has.

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“[It’s] the only one I got, so I have to be good to it,” Vanessa said, adding that one of the best ways she takes care of herself is drinking a lot of water to stay hydrated.

“Drink so much water. Drink way more water than you think you need to drink because it just helps flush everything out, keeps the toxins down, keeps your skin healthy and glowing,” Hudgens then shared when asked for her best beauty tips.