Spoilers For ‘General Hospital’: Shiloh And Dawn Of Day Remain Major May Sweeps Focus

Todd WawrychukABC

The Dawn of Day chaos has virtually taken over Port Charles, and General Hospital spoilers suggest that this will continue to be the case throughout the May sweeps period. Teasers regarding what fans can expect are starting to emerge, and it is clear that there is a lot of drama slated to play out regarding Shiloh and DoD over the next few weeks.

SheKnows Soaps shares the latest General Hospital spoilers regarding the May sweeps period. While the episode airing on Thursday, April 25, appears to be mostly DoD-free, and Friday’s show may be similar, the week of April 29 will have plenty of Shiloh action again.

Shiloh will be trying to get answers from somebody during Monday’s show, and Sam will be increasingly anxious to complete her “mission” regarding DoD. General Hospital spoilers suggest that Neil will be the one who manages to break through to Kristina, although Willow will spend some time talking to Krissy as well.

Viewers saw some big moments with Willow and Harmony earlier this week — and Willow lied about what happened with her pregnancy. General Hospital spoilers suggest that Harmony will keep Willow’s secret from Shiloh for now, but Willow still has plenty of reasons to worry about the presence of the DoD leader in Port Charles.

General Hospital spoilers hint that the friendship between Chase and Michael will hit some rough spots over the next few weeks, surely because of the DoD situation. Chase is Michael’s friend, but he’s also a detective, and the two are dancing around what they can trust to tell the other about this situation.

Not only will Chase and Michael’s friendship be tested by Shiloh’s presence, but General Hospital spoilers tease that Chase and Willow’s romance will be impacted by Shiloh as well. She has opened up to her new beau a great deal about her experience with DoD, but there’s clearly a lot of residual trauma that will make it tough for her to fully open up in a new relationship.

As for Jason and Sam’s relationship, the two will continue to hide the true status of their reunion while they both work separate angles to take down Shiloh. General Hospital spoilers indicate that their plans will cross over into rather dangerous territory — and their efforts could end up backfiring in some major sense.

While it hasn’t been revealed for certain via General Hospital spoilers, there have been a lot of hints and signs suggesting that Shiloh may be killed off by the time this all ends. If he is killed, there would be plenty of suspects to consider — and it looks like fans can expect a lot of chaos throughout the month of May as this all plays out.