Kelly Ripa, Mark Consuelos & Kids Crowned One Of People Magazine’s ‘Most Beautiful’ Families

Jesse GrantGetty Images

Kelly Ripa posted an image from People Magazine‘s “Beautiful Issue” where she, husband Mark Consuelos and their three children Michael, Lola, and Joaquin were featured in an adorable family photo and the family was applauded for their close relationship within the pages of the publication.

The Live with Kelly & Ryan host revealed that she was looking forward to using the new photo for a Christmas card for next year. She mentioned the card because this year, for the family’s holiday greetings, Ripa used a photo of Consuelos with his fictitious Riverdale family on the front of the card, including the actresses Marisol Nichols and Camilla Mendes. A photo of her real family was on the back.

The explanation? She was “tired” of fighting with her kids over taking a holiday photo, said a post on Instagram.

Consuelos also shared the photo on his Instagram page, noting, “My poor wife has resorted to using my TV family as our holiday card. Personally, I think it’s her best work.”

“As your newly adopted daughter, I’m a little hurt that I wasn’t included in the ‘actually family’ photo,” Mendes quipped of the post, as reported by Entertainment Weekly,

Ripa and Consuelos, who have been married for almost 23 years, have always honestly shared with their fans the real struggles they have had as parents. On Live with Kelly & Ryan, Ripa regularly shares her parenting triumphs and fails, as well as the rules her children must follow while they are living at home. reported that one of the things Ripa and Consuelos are steadfast about is cell phone usage. She has explained on the show that in their home, phones are not allowed at the dinner table, and she will confiscate them if her kids bring home bad grades or don’t listen to their parents.

She also revealed that parenting sons Michael and Joaquin is quite different than parenting her only daughter, Lola. Ripa has revealed on more than one occasion that Lola “challenges her” while the boys are more easygoing.

As seen in this YouTube video, Ripa once told Wendy Williams during an appearance on her talk show that her kids know that she is their mom, not their friend. That means listening, respecting her and Mark’s decisions whether or not they like them, and following the house rules.

“If you don’t set limits and boundaries for your kids early on, and that means not giving into every temper tantrum, then later on, once they’re teens, it’s too late,” she said.

Ripa and Consuelos’ parenting style obviously works, as her children appear to be both successful and well-adjusted, even as they lived their lives in the public eye. Son Michael seems to have caught the acting bug from his parents, who met when they co-starred on the soap opera All My Children. He recently appeared as a young Hiram Lodge on Riverdale.

Lola Consuelos is a senior in high school. She has appeared on Live alongside her mother, most notably in a memorable cooking segment with Ryan Seacrest.

Joaquin Consuelos makes appearances on his mother’s Instagram posts from the set of Live when he visits her after her show is completed when he is off from school. He is also in high school and has appeared on the weekday entertainment talk show.

Live with Kelly & Ryan airs weekdays on ABC. Riverdale airs on the CW Network.