Chrissy Teigen’s Easter Recipe Failure Will Make You Feel Better About Your Cooking Woes

Chrissy Teigen is no Martha Stewart — in the best way possible. While the lifestyle queen may seem like she never even has a speck of flour out of place on her countertop, Chrissy isn’t afraid to show off her failures, which makes it easier for the other mere humans out there to celebrate their own challenges.

On Sunday, Chrissy shared images of her Easter feast on social media, including flambe that honestly looked to die for, and a Beef Wellington wrapped in a perfectly browned pastry crust. The model shared a close-up of the juicy dish on Twitter, and her followers were scrambling for a taste. While she could have just ridden the wave of success, Chrissy, who is known for her relatable posts, decided to come clean.

On Wednesday, the mom of two revealed the reality behind the meal. Taking to Twitter, the best-selling cookbook author shared that though the dish looked mighty tempting on her social media feed, in reality, it was a total failure.

“Just an update on this Wellington: it was terrible,” she wrote.

That’s when she revealed that she had forgotten a key element to making Wellington: sauteing the mushrooms before they go into the pastry.

“I forgot to sauté the mushrooms so they juiced all over the place. The bottom was crazy soggy and the oven was way off,” she said.

Bottom line? The Wellington looked tasty, but in reality, it was a dud.

“So yeah. It looks good but it sucked. Oh well. Next time,” she wrote.

Chrissy has a good excuse for her cooking fiasco, though. In a follow-up Twitter post, she revealed the reasons behind her holiday feast challenges.

“I always fail at holiday meals because I start drinking around noon then get real loosey goosey by 6,” she said.

That doesn’t stop her loved ones from digging in, though.

“Luckily my family knows this and they choke it down,” she concluded.

It looks like Chrissy and husband John Legend’s Easter was a resounding success otherwise. The TV host shared a video of John practicing dressing up as the Easter bunny to surprise the kids.

The hilarious snaps show John hopping and running through the couple’s back yard with the Pacific Ocean in the background, while an amused Chrissy laughs off camera and encourages him to run.

She also shared adorable pictures of her kids, Luna and Miles, as they experienced the wonders of finding their Easter eggs and digging through a festive Easter basket.

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