‘General Hospital’ Fans React To Laura, Kevin, And Ava’s Plan To Lure Ryan Back To Port Charles

Craig SjodinABC

Tuesday’s episode of General Hospital showed a couple of conversations that ultimately led to an agreement that Kevin would pose as Ava’s boyfriend in hopes of luring Ryan back to Port Charles. Kevin was initially resistant to the plan, as he felt that it would be unfair to Laura. However, Laura herself eventually urged him to go ahead with it. By the looks of social media, fans aren’t happy about this.

As The Inquisitr previously detailed, Laura ends up being central to Kevin agreeing to help Ava with this plan. General Hospital spoilers from the sneak peek for Wednesday’s show reveal that there will be more on this storyline during the April 24 show, as Kevin will tell someone via the phone that they’re on-board.

Ava will talk with Julian and Curtis and say something about how Ryan is dead, but viewers know she doesn’t believe that at all. It may be that she’s just saying this to get her brother and Curtis to back off and give her some space, as she won’t want them nosing around as she pursues her plan.

Now that Kevin hears from Laura that she actually wants him to help Ava, he’ll agree to do what Ava wants. General Hospital spoilers shared by SheKnows Soaps hint that this is still going to take a while to play out though. Next week Ava will get a call from a mystery person and little else about the action coming up has been revealed yet.

Viewers took to Twitter as this latest development played out and it looks as if “KevLaur” fans are pretty annoyed.

One General Hospital fan tweeted, “So #Kevlaur find a little bit of happiness. Then it is destroyed in the matter of minutes with this dumb plan. And of all people they have Laura who is going to talk Kevin into it.”

In response to that post, one person on Twitter added that this was “A plan that is more than likely going to get Kevin very badly hurt. Ava doesn’t care about either of them and Kevin honestly doesn’t owe her this much effort.”

Another tweeted, “I would have thought that Laura would be totally against Kevin being the pawn. I can’t stand the thought of Kevin getting hurt.”

General Hospital fans appear to be divided on whether Kevin does owe this help to Ava as she claimed. Some note that Kevin did hide Ryan away and lie to everybody about it, and that got the ball rolling for what happened to Kiki. However, others on Twitter think that this ultimately is fully on Ava.

“If Ava wasn’t trying to get into a married man’s pants, and want her own kid to pay…Kiks would be alive. That isn’t on Kevin. She made her own bed. Ain’s Kevin gonna lie in it with her!!”

It looks like some General Hospital fans are even starting to think Kevin and Laura would be better apart, although it doesn’t look as if that’s necessarily the consensus yet.

Jordan is sending Curtis up to Niagara Falls to see what he can find on Ryan. As he pursues that, Ava is setting her plan involving Kevin into motion.

At this point, it certainly seems virtually guaranteed that Ryan will end up still alive and back in Port Charles to cause a fresh round of chaos. The Nurses Ball is coming up in a few weeks, and fans speculate that he may choose that big event to be the backdrop for whatever he does next.

Does General Hospital need to put Kevin and Laura back together and let them be happy for a while, or has too much transpired for that to work? Additional spoilers about what’s on the way will emerge over the coming days and it looks like KevLaur fans will have a lot to say about what’s ahead.