WWE Rumors: Former Champion Prepared To Sit Out The Rest Of The Time Left On WWE Contract

There has been a lot of confusion in WWE lately and apparently, there has been a bit of unhappiness as well. Luke Harper has requested his release. Goldust asked for his release as well, and he’s been granted it. It was revealed that Sasha Banks was very unhappy when she found out that she would lose the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship titles at WrestleMania 35 and now, rumor has it that she is prepared to sit out the rest of her contract.

Wrestling Observer Radio, by way of Wrestling Inc., is stating that the discussions between Sasha Banks and WWE have hit a stalemate. There is really no advancement in either direction, and Banks is ready to sit out the rest of her contract if that is what it comes to.

As reported by The Inquisitr, Banks and Bayley were extremely upset when they learned that they were losing their tag titles to The IIconics. Upon receiving that info, the team reportedly laid down on the floor and complained loudly about it to anyone who would listen.

Banks was said to want to quit WWE that weekend and leave the company entirely, but she was talked out of it. WWE officials reportedly told her to take some time away from the ring and think things over before making up her mind and coming to an ultimate decision.

Apparently, she simply hasn’t changed her mind and still wants out.

The amount of time remaining on Banks’ contract isn’t known at this time, but it can’t be too long if she’s ready to sit the rest of it out.

The thing is that the amount of time that Banks has left on her contract could be extended if WWE chooses to do that. It could be a situation similar to that of Neville/PAC where he sat out a great deal of time without working and that led to WWE extending his time with the company even though he wasn’t seen on television.

WWE most definitely wants Sasha Banks to stay with the company and back on TV, but it simply may not end up happening. Her old partner Bayley was moved over to SmackDown Live in the Superstar Shake-Up, and there’s nothing known as to where Banks would be placed if she does return.

Sasha Banks is currently still scheduled for Money in the Bank on May 19, but that’s been in place for quite a while. She may show up at that event or she may choose not to come back at all. If Banks continues to be unhappy, she may not be seen for a while if she chooses to sit out the rest of her contract.

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