‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Oscar Makes A Request Of Jason & Drew

Craig SjodinABC Press

A new General Hospital preview clip reveals that Oscar Nero is making sure that any loose ends are tied up before he succumbs to his cancer. He knows that the end is near. He has been making requests of his loved ones before that time comes. Last week, he asked Ned and Olivia to plan out his funeral. This week, he will have a special request of twin brothers Jason and Drew.

General Hospital spoilers indicate that Jason will be heading to the Quartermaine mansion to visit with his nephew. Soap Central details that Oscar will have a special request, and now the preview clip reveals that this ask will also involve his dad. The teen is getting weaker every day. Kim helps her son into a chair on the patio at the Quartermaine residence as he sits down to have a chat with both Jason and Drew.

Oscar told the men that it would mean a lot to him if they could figure out how to be brothers. That seems like a monumental task at this point. Jason and Drew are complete opposites, and live completely different lives. There is also Sam, who seems to inflame the animosity between them. However, Oscar is willing to take the chance to ask this special request of them.

In the preview clip, both brothers look like they are not sure what to say in response. Will Jason and Drew hug it out, just to appease Oscar? That is doubtful, but maybe they will at least agree to do their best to form some sort of brotherly relationship.

Oscar doesn’t have much time left. He is busy trying to make sure everything is in place before he dies. That means he is making sure his family will be okay after he is gone — especially Kim, Drew, and Joss. It’s likely that he will give Cameron a talking-to soon, as a way to take care of Josslyn. He knows that his dad will be there for Kim, as she is bound to break down after she loses her son.

In Oscar’s mind, he may think that Drew will need someone to lean on — and he thinks that Jason is up for the job. It seems that Franco is more likely to be there for Drew. Jason is always busy saving the Corinthos family from doom. While Oscar’s request may not go as planned, the twins may just settle their differences for the time being.

Keep watching General Hospital this week to see Jason and Drew’s reactions to Oscar’s plea for brotherhood between them.