‘Today Show’ Star Dylan Dreyer Opens Up About Heartbreaking Miscarriage & Fertility Struggles

Rob KimGetty Images

Today Show host and meteorologist Dylan Dreyer opened up about the heartbreaking miscarriage she suffered as well as her struggles with fertility and IVF treatments. On the third hour of the Today Show, Dreyer spoke about the difficult ordeal alongside her husband, Brian. The news anchor shared that the couple has been trying to conceive a baby brother or sister for their 2-year old son, Calvin, but have come up against some roadblocks.

Dreyer shared that she recently found out that she was pregnant, but lost the baby shortly after. She recalled her heartbreak over the loss, and the encouraging words her husband shared with her to help her gather the strength to go on.

“You didn’t lose the baby. It’s your body doing what it needs to do. YOU didn’t do anything wrong,” the couple shared, as Dreyer added that she struggled to remain positive and smiling while performing her job as a television host.

Dreyer found comfort in her family and even found support from her co-workers, though she continued to feel let down by her struggle to have a viable pregnancy. As the Today Show also shared, Dreyer has been suffering from secondary infertility, a common struggle among women who have had one successful pregnancy but can’t conceive or carry out a second.

“Even though it’s so common, secondary fertility isn’t talked about much or understood very well, which is one reason Dreyer has decided to share her struggles publicly,” the Today Show shared.

Dreyer added that she didn’t know that secondary infertility “was a thing,” and she’s now educating herself on the subject.

In a recent visit to her doctor, Dreyer found out that she has a low egg count and some uterine scarring from her c-section with Calvin. She’s since been referred to a specialist, and the 37-year old is remaining hopeful that she can conceive once again.

Dreyer added that as if her internal struggles weren’t enough, fans of the morning show host have been asking her when she is going to bring another baby into the world, which she shared that she smiles and acknowledges her fans. Yet, she wants them to understand that the choice isn’t hers and that she’s facing a battle away from the cameras. Additionally, she wants nothing more than to have another child so that she can see her son be the caring big brother she knows he will be.

“I see Calvin with other kids and I see how loving he is. My friend just had a baby, and he held her and it’s just so sweet. And I wanna give that to him,” Dreyer added.