‘One Punch Man’ Season 2, Episode 3 Spoilers: Silver Fang Hunting God-Level Threat, Garou The ‘Human Monster’


One Punch Man Season 2 has finally introduced Saitama’s newest nemesis, Garou, who is also called the “Human Monster.” Garou is a former disciple of Class-S Rank 3 hero Bang, who kicked him out of his dojo after he went on a rampage. Garou was present at the meeting of all the criminals hosted by the Hero Association, where he named himself as the God-level threat the prophecy was talking about.

In the latest episode of One Punch Man, Garou made it clear that he has no intention of helping the Hero Association fight against the monsters. Garou said that because of his strong hatred of heroes and humanity, he decided to side with the monsters. The “Human Monster” showed his fighting skills in One Punch Man Season 2, Episode 2, where he defeated three top rank heroes and killed his fellow criminals.

Sitch, the Minister Officer of Justice for the Hero Association, threatened Garou that he will summon all the Class-S heroes to fight him, but the “Human Monster” said that it is still too early for him to eliminate them all. In the preview for One Punch Man Season 2 Episode 3, Garou was featured beating another Class-A hero.

During a meeting, Sitch immediately warned the other officers of the Hero Association about Garou. However, most of the officers were more concerned about other matters, like the new nicknames for heroes. As revealed in the preview, Saitama, a Class-B Rank 7 hero, will finally have the alias “Bald Cape,” while Genos, a Class-S Rank 14, got the nickname of “Demon Cyborg.” Sitch was very disappointed that the officers of the Hero Association only allotted 15 minutes for the topic about Garou, who could really be the God-level threat the prophecy is referring to.

Despite learning what he did to the top rank heroes and the heinous criminals, most officers of the Hero Association don’t seem to be worried about Garou. In the meeting, it was revealed that Silver Fang is tasked to go after Garou. It is easy to understand why they sent Silver Fang. As his former student, Silver Fang definitely knows the strengths and weaknesses of Garou.

Still, after being away from each other for so many years, Garou has become stronger and there is a strong chance that he could beat Silver Fang in a one-on-one fight. If Silver Fang fails on his mission, the officers are planning to order Class-S Rank 1 hero Blast and Class-S Rank 2 hero Tornado to fight Garou.