The Duggar Grandkids Take Center Stage This Weekend In Sweet Instagram Photos

There is nothing more adorable than those Duggar grandkids that seem to be quite photogenic. This weekend, they took center stage in some snapshots that were shared on social media by their parents. There are certainly many of the little munchkins to go around in the TLC family with more on the way.

On Friday, Jessa Seewald just had to share a sweet moment of her youngest son, Henry, as he was sound asleep in his car seat. The little guy is seen via Instagram all sacked out while still holding onto a cracker in his hand. He must have had a busy day and couldn’t hold his eyes open any longer. His mom snapped the sweet photo as he was snoozing away. What really stood out is the perfect blond curl dangling onto his forehead.

Both Henry and his big brother Spurgeon have a head full of curls and fans are always commenting on how cute their curly heads are. Jessa, who is expecting her third child in June, loves that about her boys as well. Pretty soon she will have another little one to snap pictures of.

Saturday was Jill Dillard’s turn to share some photos of her youngest, Samuel, on her Instagram account. He was joined by his cousin, Jaxson Dillard, who is Derick’s nephew. They are sitting in a restaurant together and enjoying some fun times.

Jill and Derick just recently built a brand new house. It appears from the Instagram story that Jill shared that they are all moved in now. She is posing in some new clothes in the stocked kitchen and Derick is seen playing with their two boys in the driveway of the new house.

Another couple who will soon be relocating is Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo. They are moving to Los Angeles this summer so Jeremy can attend seminary school there. He still needs to get some studying done, but it looks like little Felicity has more fun ideas. The dad-of-one posted a couple of photos of his 9-month-old daughter standing up in her playpen right in front of his desk. She is doing her best to get his attention.

“How am I supposed to get anything done with this little munchkin wanting my attention?” Jeremy wanted to know.

Fans enjoy seeing all of the Duggar grandkids looking as sweet as can be. There are two more on the way for the TLC family. In addition to Jessa expecting, Kendra and Joe Duggar are also having their second child in the fall.

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