WWE News: Former World Heavyweight Champion Says He’s On ‘Vacation’ From WWE

Some superstars have requested their release from WWE while others are dealing with injuries, but there are some absent roster members whose status remains a mystery. One such wrestler is former World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler, who hasn’t been seen on WWE since the Royal Rumble in January, and fans have been left wondering when he will return. Well, it seems Ziggler appears to be enjoying life, and he gave an interesting update on his whereabouts.

For the last two years or so, Ziggler’s status with WWE has been in question, with some wondering whether he has a solid contract in place or not. He hasn’t wrestled anywhere else, but when speaking with Chris Van Vliet (via YouTube) about what he’s doing, Ziggler used a very intriguing word when it came to his current relationship with the WWE.

Earlier this year, Ziggler wasn’t expected to be anywhere near the Royal Rumble, and then all of a sudden, he showed up. It appears as if the superstar found out the night before the pay-per-view event that he was needed, as transcribed by Wrestling Inc.

“Oh my God. That’s a great story. Can I tell this story? When I talked to you, I was not booked for the Royal Rumble and I have no reason to lie to anybody or be like ‘Hey listen, I don’t know what the deal is.’ I was just on hiatus and I got a call to be there. And if I wasn’t in town for a booking for a comedy show that night I would not have even been in Phoenix. I got a call the night before saying ‘Hey, you gotta get here.'”

Ziggler has reiterated time and time again that he’s on a “handshake agreement” with the WWE, but that he’s not planning on going to another promotion as of this time.

Even though he hasn’t been appearing on WWE television, Dolph Ziggler has been keeping busy traveling around the country and performing his comedy routine. He’s been doing a lot of stand-up work and enjoying that part of his life.

During this interview with Van Vliet, Ziggler brought up eliminating Drew McIntyre in the Royal Rumble — fans will remember that McIntyre was his former tag team partner on Monday Night Raw. Ziggler went on to say that he doesn’t know if the story and feud are officially over between the two of them.

He said that it’s possible for that storyline to continue, as he’s not gone from the company; rather, he is currently on break.

“I’m not exactly sure, but it did go into it more, I don’t know if that continues because I’m still just on vacation. I think it was more just I was in town and I’m one of their guys and it happened to work out so I got a double booking, double pay day, WWE and the comedy show.”

Dolph Ziggler will turn 39 this summer, and he is still in good enough shape to continue wrestling. The question remains: does he want to? It is obvious that he doesn’t want to retire from the ring just yet, but he’s also enjoying his “vacation” from the WWE at this time.

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