Daily Dose Of ‘General Hospital’ For Friday: Curtis Fears That Ava Is Reverting Back To Her Old Ways

Ava has a friend in Curtis on ABC’s General Hospital. He is convinced that she is taking matters into her own hands, and he is right. Ava is positive that Ryan Chamberlain is still alive and is coming for her. She has her weapon ready to go for that moment she sees him face-to-face once again.

On Friday’s General Hospital, Curtis paid Ava a visit telling her that Julian hired him as her bodyguard, but she wasn’t having it. She doesn’t want protection, she told him. Curtis is obviously concerned for not only Ava’s physical well-being, but he is also afraid that she is reverting back into her old ways. She seems to be okay with that as long as she gets revenge on Ryan. Her plan is to lure Ryan out of hiding by having a pretend boyfriend. According to spoilers by She Knows Soaps, Scott is next on her list of potential fake boyfriends.

Ava had already asked Franco to do the job. However, he turned her down flat. Now she calls Scott for help on Monday. Unfortunately for Ava, spoilers indicate that she will fail once again. It looks like Scott doesn’t want the job either.

Curtis has every right to be concerned for Ava. He reminded her on Friday that he was there when she saw Kiki in the body bag and wants to help her get through this low period in her life. He doesn’t want her to take matters into her own hands. She suddenly gets upset and tells him that he can help her by getting out. Curtis is not giving up on Ava. He seems to get her and is not afraid to tell it like it is.

Later, Curtis meets with Jordan, telling her that Ava is plotting revenge, but he is getting closer to finding out that Ryan is indeed still alive. Ryan sent something to Kevin on Friday’s General Hospital and it looks like it’s something bad enough to shock Laura. He could also send something to Ava as well, but he may just want to keep his “goddess” in suspense waiting for him.

Ava’s fake boyfriend plan may just backfire. If she goes through both Franco and Scott who aren’t up for the job, she will have to seek out someone else. There is always Ryan’s twin, Kevin. Wouldn’t that get Ryan’s temper boiling? However, Kevin and Laura are reconciling, as seen this past week, so that may not work at all.

When Ava gets wind of the package that Ryan supposedly sent Kevin, that will be proof enough for her that he is still out there and is coming back for her. Keep watching General Hospital in the coming weeks to see if Ryan pops up. You just never know what May sweeps may bring.

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