Bet your Scrabble and Monopoly doesn’t look this classy

I like both games but then I’m cheap and usually patch together several different thrift store purchases to make up one working game. However if I was ever to really want to go all out and get all fancy I’d definitely consider these really dressed up versions of Scrabble and Monopoly from Zontik.

Scrabble – $3,955.00

Here’s some of the reasons for that jaw-dropping price:

  • Silver or gold embossing under a nickel plated grid
  • leather bound letter racks
  • felt drawstring letter bag
  • letter squares made of butterfly bridle-hide
  • mounted on a concealed Lazy Susan base.

Monopoly – $4,290.00 to $7,570.00

Damn that’s hurtful on the pocketbook but then I guess if you are ordering this you shouldn’t be asking the price. Some of what you are getting for your money:

  • each of the 70 inlays are embossed in silver or gold
  • felt lined game piece storage under the playing surface
  • Game pieces available in: pewter, sterling silver or silver-gilt
  • leather dice cups
  • leather bound bank boxes