Duggar Family In Trouble Again Over What Appears To Be An Innocent Instagram Photo

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First bees, now fish. It looks like the Duggar family just can’t catch a break from those who seem to be critical of their every move. The other day, Jill got slammed for whacking a couple of bees and wasps that had gotten into her house. Now a few naysayers are not too happy that a couple of the Duggar boys went fishing.

The 19 Kids and Counting family are always looking for things to do outside. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar don’t let their kids sit in front of the TV or a computer screen. They are all about the outdoors and letting them be creative with non-electronics. The Duggars recently shared some photos on their Instagram account of their son, Jackson, and his cousin Tyler, Michelle’s great nephew whom they adopted in 2016. The boys are proudly displaying the fish that they caught that day. According to the post, Tyler and Jackson love to spend the day fishing.

However, there were a few comments made that slammed the family for letting the boys kill a fish. They were concerned for the fish, calling it torture and saying how it’s not right to kill one of God’s creatures. That got devoted Duggar fans to clap back at them, calling the whole thing ridiculous.

This was the same response to Jill’s recent Instagram photo of the bee and wasp that she killed with a fly swatter. People were telling her that bees are essential to the environment and that she should let them live. As The Inquisitr had previously detailed, the mom-of-two got on the comments to state how shocked she was to see people slamming her, especially since the stinging insects were trespassing in her house.

As for this most recent controversy, Duggar fans did point out that maybe the boys caught the fish, but then let them go right after the photos were taken. Others reminded those who were against the fishing process that the swimming creatures are meant to be eaten.

Nonetheless, Jackson and Tyler had big smiles on their faces as they enjoyed their day of fishing. Other members of the family have been seen enjoying the warmer weather in Arkansas as well. Jessa and Ben Seewald’s little ones, Spurgeon and Henry, have been taking advantage of their playtime outdoors. Even newlyweds John and Abbie Duggar recently shared that they have been trying to go out on walks more often.

There is always something happening in the lives of the Duggar family. TLC’s Counting On is expected to be back for another season later on this year.