Amanda Bynes Checks Herself Into Treatment

Jason MerrittGetty Images

Amanda Bynes has checked herself into treatment. The She’s The Man actress made the decision to seek treatment recently, according to her lawyer, Tamar Arminak.

Access Hollywood reports that Amanda Bynes recently posed for the cover of Paper Magazine, where she opened up about her previous breakdown and using drugs as a teenager. The interview was said to have a profound impact on the actress, who soon after made the decision to admit herself into the rehab facility.

“I will tell you she’s doing remarkably well under the circumstances. This time around she realized herself after the recent Paper Magazine interview and spread that she really wasn’t feeling like herself all of sudden and that she wanted to address that,” Arminak stated.

“She wanted to address it right away before going back into show business and exploring show business again, and it was her decision and her choice to address the situation, seek treatment which I think is an incredibly mature way of handling this type of thing,” Tamar added.

The lawyer also revealed that Bynes has been taking one day at a time and is trying to focus on getting herself to a happy and healthy place.

Amanda is said to be doing this by participating in exercises such as yoga, and can’t wait to get back to her life, which includes a return to her fashion school, FIDM.

Arminak reveals that the school has been very supportive of Bynes during her treatment, and that the actress is still studying although she’s currently in a facility seeking help.

The school is also said to be in constant contact with Amanda so that she’ll be able to make a smooth return to her work and education when she leaves treatment.

There is reportedly no timeline for how long Amanda Bynes will be seeking treatment, but her lawyer claims that she’ll stay in the facility until she feels fully ready to take on the world in a healthy way.

As many fans will remember, Bynes has been in treatment in the past. MTV reports that her issues were made public back in 2012 when she had a series of legal issues such as driving under the influence, inciting a hit and run accident, and driving around on a suspended license.

She also reportedly displayed bizarre behavior such as locking herself in the dressing room of a store for two hours and starting a fire in a stranger’s driveway, which landed her under a 5150 involuntary psychiatric hold.

Bynes also penned multiple concerning tweets, and even named multiple celebrities, calling them ugly in the posts.

Amanda Bynes has yet to address her most recent stay in treatment, but her fans are wishing her the best.