Pete Davidson Reveals New Roommate On ‘The Tonight Show’

Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson revealed that he has a surprising new roommate in the wake of his split from former fiancee Ariana Grande. He told Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show that although he is happy, he is kind of “lonely” as well.

The 25-year-old comedian appeared on the hit NBC late-night series on Thursday, April 18. There, he opened up about living with his mom once again after having moved out on his own several years earlier, as reported by People.

Davidson revealed that he and his mother purchased the home together, and that he has since taken over the basement — where he plans to install an arcade. He plans to include the game Mortal Kombat 11, a title for which he appears to be a spokesperson. Davidson admitted that the brand “was paying me to be here to talk about it.”

“I was calling it The Man Cave, but the Mulaney’s [John and his wife, Anna — friends of the comedian] told me that if I call it that they will no longer be my friend. So, now I call it The Basement like The Ohio State University. I don’t like that college. It’s the ‘the’ that’s the important part,” quipped Davidson.

Davidson has been residing with his mom ever since his split from Grande. Glamour reported that Davidson, during a stand-up comedy performance in Boston on New Year’s Eve, had revealed that he cried with his mother after splitting from the Sweetener singer.

During his comedy set, he said of his breakup with Grande that it showed him just how “ugly” people could be.

Davidson and Grande began dating in the summer of 2018, and quickly became engaged. The couple moved in together in an expensive New York City apartment. However, by October, the duo revealed they had called off their engagement — and Davidson moved out of the apartment they had shared.

Davidson was reportedly so sad over his breakup with Grande that posted a message to Instagram where he revealed that he “didn’t want to be on this earth anymore.”

This message alarmed Grande so much that, despite their messy breakup, she headed to the Saturday Night Live offices. She waited downstairs for Davidson, in case he needed her. Us Weekly reported that Davidson refused to see her at the time.

After his post, the NYPD conducted a wellness check on Davidson. It was concluded that he was okay.

Davidson is currently involved in a relationship with actress Kate Beckinsale. She can be seen in The Widow on ITV, per Radio Times.

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