April 19, 2019
Britney Spears Reportedly Close To Being Released, 'Overwhelmed' By #FreeBritney Movement

Last month, Britney Spears checked into a mental health facility, prompting widespread speculation about the pop star's state of health and measure of self-advocacy in making the decision.

Rumors spread that Spears was possibly being forced into treatment, without the will -- or the means -- to make her own choices. Thus, the #FreeBritney social media movement was born, and the hashtag trended on Twitter as conspiracy theories continued to swirl. Spears is reportedly "overwhelmed" by the growing movement, a source told Radar Online.

As she completes her stay, Spears has become bewildered by all of the drama surrounding her treatment, according to a family insider.

On April 17, Chris Crocker -- infamous for his "Leave Britney Alone" video in 2007 -- reemerged on Twitter. He would then add to the chorus of voices calling for an end to the singer's conservatorship. Spears' father, Jamie Spears, was appointed as her conservator in the wake of her 2007 breakdown.

In the video, Crocker went on a tirade, calling attention to the fact that the star still performed despite voluntarily entering a facility to receive mental health care. He also wrote a series of fuming tweets expressing his discontent.

"If she's so incapable, why the f**k is she able to be on a stage in front of millions of people and do all of these meet and greets? If she's in such bad shape, why is she still put in the spotlight, then?... We care about Britney, the person, not the pop star anymore. At this point, this is about her having her full human rights. She's given us the music videos. She's given us the iconic performances. Let this woman f**king live!"
After three weeks in the facility's care, doctors are allegedly planning to release the performer, according to Radar Online.

A source told the media outlet that an exit plan is being put together in preparation for the end of Spears' month-long stay.

Spears is simply looking forward to leaving the facility in order to spend time with her family, having received the "peace of mind and serenity" she was looking for, the source said.

Radar Online revealed the alleged background events that led to Spears entering treatment.

Spears reportedly entered the medical facility due to problems stabilizing her medications, with the situation becoming so unstable that she had stopped taking them, a source said.

According to an insider, Jamie would typically check that she took her medications on schedule, but given his own illness, that regular ritual faltered.

Upon finding out that Spears was not taking her pills as advised, Jamie confronted her about getting help, after which she voluntarily entered treatment.

Right now, Britney Spears is reportedly focused on completing her required 30 day stint before returning home to her sick father.