‘General Hospital’ Friday Spoilers: Maxie Questions Obrecht As Nina Voices Concern Over Liesl’s Leverage

Todd WawrychukABC

General Hospital spoilers detail that Kathleen Gati will be popping up during Friday’s episode and viewers always love getting a solid dose of Dr. Liesl Obrecht. She has been keeping some heavy-duty secrets for months now, and she will be facing some questions about one of them.

As viewers have seen, Liesl knows that Valentin orchestrated a fraud with Sasha, and she knows that Nelle and Michael’s baby boy was born alive. Up to this point, she’s used the powerful information she knows to leverage opportunities for herself. However, fans know eventually she’ll decide that exposing what she knows is more beneficial than keeping the scoop to herself.

Maxie was stunned to get a secret DNA test done on Sasha and learn that the results confirmed the biological connection to Nina. Of course, viewers know that Valentin got to that test just like he did the previous ones, but Maxie doesn’t suspect a thing.

General Hospital spoilers shared via the Twitter sneak peek into Thursday’s show indicate that Maxie will end up questioning Obrecht. She will look quizzical as she asks what the secret is that Liesl is holding over Valentin, and viewers will be curious to see what prompts her to ask this.

Of course, Obrecht isn’t about to just blurt out the truth to Maxie just because she asked the question. Will she share a tease or otherwise raise any suspicions that will prompt Maxie to keep digging?

Nina knows that Liesl has damaging information she is keeping, but Valentin lied and told her that Obrecht knew about Nina’s previous involvement with Cassandra. Nina will bring this up to Valentin again during Friday’s show, noting concern about how Liesl could cause a lot of trouble with this secret if she chose to expose it.

When will Valentin be exposed for all of his lies? Unfortunately, General Hospital spoilers suggest it may take a little while yet. She Knows Soaps notes that something will leave Nina feeling stunned during the episode airing on Friday, April 26, but it’s not known yet what causes this shocker. So far, little else about Nina, Valentin, or Obrecht pops up in the current teasers regarding the next couple of weeks.

How long can Liesl manage to keep what she knows to herself? It’s clear that she’s itching to expose those she knows have done some shady things, but General Hospital spoilers hint that she will hold onto all of this scoop until it benefits her to do otherwise. Teasers suggest that the truth about Sasha will likely emerge relatively soon, and fans are anxious to watch this play out.