Jill Duggar Has Some Exciting News To Share With Fans

Jill Duggar shared some exciting news with fans that may not have been exactly what was expected. When she took to social media to declare that she and husband Derick Dillard had news to share, many assumed that they would be announcing another pregnancy. However, that wasn’t it at all. They are instead moving.

The Dillard’s move isn’t as big as Jinger and Jeremy’s, who are moving to Los Angeles this summer. According to a Thursday post on the Dillard family blog, Jill and Derick are moving to Lowell, Arkansas, which they say is closer to their family. Now they will be only about 20 minutes from Jim Bob and Michelle, and the rest of Jill’s younger siblings. Not only that, but the house they will be living in is brand new. They just finished building their new home and will be moving in pretty quick.

They started out their blog message explaining how busy life has been. Then they go on to share their news.

“The last few weeks for us have been busy! Not only just keeping up with life and Derick’s hectic school schedule, but we have also been in the process of planning for the future…we are excited to share with you that we are moving!!”

Despite Derick Dillard being very busy with law school, he somehow managed to head up the building of their new house. Although the details haven’t been mentioned, he has certainly had plenty of help with the project. Maybe even brother-in-law Austin Forsyth may have been involved as that is his specialty.

The new house is located in a subdivision. According to the many photos, Jill and Derick purchased the lot and then began building. The pictures range from the signing of the property to the Dillard family standing in front of the finished house. They also show the in-between snaps of the process of building. Israel and Samuel were involved as well.

Derick is seen writing on various beams throughout the house as it was being built. They are mostly Bible verses, and they even used some Spanish that they had learned while they were in Central America. Israel and Samuel’s handprints were drawn on a beam with the date of February 25. A month later, their parents did the same thing. They certainly made their mark everywhere in their new home.

A few fans wondered where they got the money to build a nice house like that since Derick doesn’t appear to be working right now. Other fans clapped back that it really isn’t anyone’s business how they stand financially. Still, other fans commented that they most likely saved their money from their previous stint on Counting On. After all, Jill Duggar is known to be frugal, just as the rest of her family appears to be.

It looks like Jill Duggar and her family are getting ready to settle into their new home, or they may already have. Maybe more pitter-patters of baby feet will be in their future as well.

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