‘Avengers: Endgame’ Mind Blowing Theory Says A Future Tony Stark Saves A Past Tony Stark

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Brace yourselves Marvel Cinematic Universe fans, a new theory which spawned on Twitter over the weekend is blowing minds (and breaking hearts) across the globe. Despite the fact that there was a visual plot leak from Endgame earlier this week, loyal fans have avoided it and are still suggesting their own theories. The newest comes from Twitter user @BrandonDavisBD who is saying that Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) will save himself from through time travel. Stick with us, it gets rather confusing.

Fans will remember the infamous Battle of New York which closed the final act in the original Avengers 2012 film. Tony Stark carried a nuclear warhead through a wormhole into space, saving the entire island of Manhattan while also destroying Thanos’ Chitauri army. Tony barely escaped with his life as he fell out of the closing wormhole in the nick of time, and @BrandonDavisBD believes he only made it out alive because a future Tony gave him an extra nudge.

It’s been widely speculated and basically confirmed that the surviving heroes from Avengers: Infinity War will travel through time to reverse the effects of the snap. Leaked set photos have already shown Tony Stark in what appears to be the Battle of New York, meaning this new theory does hold water. The past version of Tony was within seconds of losing his life, and his future self very well could have saved him, while sacrificing himself in the process.

So yes, the new theory believes Tony will sacrifice himself to save himself.

The theory gained a good amount of steam on Twitter and was re-tweeted 80 times and brought in almost 700 likes. Fans debated the theory in the comment section, as most couldn’t bear the thought of losing their dear Iron Man.

A separate Twitter user noted an important moment in Iron Man 3 when Tony is approached by a young girl who asks for his autograph when her brother subsequently asks how he got out of the wormhole. This causes Tony to have a complete panic attack and exit the restaurant where he was dining with Colonel Rhodes. Perhaps Tony freaks out because he’s reminded of how he saw his future self save his own life.

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An Avenger (or two or three) is expected to die in the film which has already confirmed to be very emotional by directors Joe Russo and Anthony Russo. It looks like Tony could very well be the one who is lost, but it’s a necessary loss.

Avengers: Endgame lands in theaters on April 26.