Charlamagne Calls Wendy Williams And Makes Amends

Dave Kotinsky / Noam GalaiGetty Images

Charlamagne tha God and Wendy Williams’ 10-year public feud is finally over.

The two made up via a phone call initiated by The Breakfast Club DJ, who told Page Six that the bitter dispute was due to simple miscommunication.

“We just had a conversation. I’ve always had love for Wendy and we never had a reason not to communicate.”

Charlamagne said the catalyst for their disagreement was Williams’ estranged husband, Kevin Hunter.

“Kevin told her some other reason as to why he stopped dealing with me so it’s just good to clear the air.”

Williams made a joke on her show about Charlamagne asking her out on a date, prompting the radio show host to discuss the call on his program on Thursday.

He denied that the call was a date, emphasizing that as someone who was friends with Williams — and who also witnessed the alleged abuse she had faced — he was glad to finally see her “free.”

Charlamagne acknowledged that they talked for a “very long time,” and noted that Williams had a lot of healing to do. He said Williams took a big step by getting rid of the “toxic people” in her life, adding that he hopes she keeps going — and he wishes her best.

During her show on Wednesday, Williams made an on-air remark about Charlamagne inviting her to dinner for their “date,” but he said no plans had been made as of yet.

As Page Six reported, Charlamagne started his career in radio alongside Williams on 107.5 WBLS, with the media maven serving as his mentor.

Some falling-out occurred after Charlamagne arranged an initial business meeting between Hunter and his alleged mistress, Sharina Hudson. The resulting affair soured the relationship between Charlamagne, Wendy, and Kevin Hunter.

“The reason Kevin Hunter and I fell out, and the reason why I don’t communicate with Wendy anymore is because of Sharina,” Charlamagne said.

He claimed Hunter, who was Williams’ manager and producer, acted in an extremely possessive way towards Hudson — and that Kevin became angry when Charlamagne tried to set her up with other people.

When The Wendy Williams Show debuted in 2008, Charlamagne was recruited for special skits and interviews. However, Charlamagne detailed that he was eventually fired by Hunter, who demanded that he cease all contact with Williams.

However, as Page Six reported, following his divorce from Williams, Hunter is likely to no longer have involvement with the show — and is currently on his way out.

On his Thursday show, Charlamagne lambasted Hunter, calling him a “clown of legendary proportions” and a “grade-A sucker.” He reiterated that there was no bad blood between him and Williams, and claimed she had been abused on many levels.

After almost 22 years of marriage, Williams filed for divorce from Hunter on April 11. The filing follows claims of infidelity, and her revelation in March that she was residing in a sober house.