Paulina Porizkova Reveals Her Secret To Looking Amazing During Dates & It’s So Easy Anyone Can Do It Too

Paulina Porizkova looks as amazing as ever at 53-years-old, even joining Sports Illustrated again this year. And from the sneak peeks, it looks like she’s rocking it. Lately, the model has been sharing makeup tips with her fans through a series of Instagram videos. However, her newest Instagram post stands out, not because she reveals an incredible makeup tip, but because she gave a tip that anyone can benefit from. And it doesn’t require any products, save for perhaps a mirror.

The post showed Paulina posing with the same makeup and hairstyle six different times. The difference between each photo was the lighting. And while she looked great in all the photos, there were several that stood out. So much so, that it might be surprising to learn that the only difference was where she stood when she took the selfie.

Porizkova revealed in the captions that it’s all about the light, and shared a story about an old friend.

“Once in Paris, my then-best friend Anne taught me a lesson I never forgot. I had gone over to her apartment because she had just broken up with her boyfriend. Instead of finding her shattered, I found her quite happy. She told me she had satisfyingly ended the relationship, and then showed me how.”

The model continued, “It all started with a handheld mirror, with which she walked around the apartment, [sic] finding the best light. Once she found the right spot, she stayed there for the duration of her breakup speech and then sent him home, devastated to lose such a beautiful woman.”

Paulina noted that she never forgot this lesson, and applies it when choosing a seat at a restaurant on dates.

It’s not just Paulina that’s been bringing attention to the importance of light when it comes to photographs, either. Coincidentally, Victoria’s Secret model Romee Strijd shared a similar Instagram post. Three days ago, she shared a video of herself looking as glam as ever in nice makeup and hair. But she suggested fans swipe to the right, saying it’s all about the makeup and lighting. Romee looked great in the second photo too, as she sported no makeup. However, she did take the photo in minimal lighting, which changed the way she looked in the photo. Fans enjoyed the post, with many people commenting that she still looked as great as ever.

In other news, Porizkova also shared her heartbreak over the Notre Dame fire a couple of days ago. She shared an Instagram photo of herself posing in front of the cathedral several years ago, in tribute to the fire-damaged monument.

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