Leland Chapman & His Wife Jamie Both Share Cryptic Relationship Quotes To Their Instagram Stories

Dog the Bounty Hunter’s son, Leland Chapman, and his wife, Jamie, are well known for showering each other with love and adoration on their social media platforms. Recently, however, Leland took to his Instagram story to share a series of cryptic quotes about relationships, and Jamie did the same shortly after.

“Sometimes you fight for so long, you just have to let it go. As much as you want to keep fighting, you realize you can’t win. Maybe in time they’ll realize what you did for them. Because sometimes you don’t know what you have unless it’s gone,” read Leland’s first shared anecdote.

Leland then followed up his story with a screenshot of the definition of “frenemy” and the lyrics to Kenny Rogers’ “The Gambler,” which references knowing when to walk away.

Jamie also shared some quotes to her Instagram story as well, roughly around the same time as her husband’s posts, and hers were a little more detailed.

“No woman should be taught that love is how much sh** you can tolerate from a man,” her first post read.

She followed that one up with a screenshot quote that stated new “relationship goals” should be self-love — perhaps a reference to fans of the couple consistently referring to their relationship as “goals.”

Jamie also added a message about how words can’t be taken back once they’re said, and another lengthy quote about how putting yourself and your needs first isn’t selfish, it’s important, and setting goals and seeing them through without having to check with a partner should be a priority as well.


Earlier this month, Jamie posted a snap of herself and Leland snuggling up for a selfie, and the couple looked elated to be spending an evening together. They both looked dolled up for their night out, and Jamie wore her platinum locks in a long, bouncy blowout and rocked some bright crimson lipstick on her plump pout.

Jamie, who is making her way into the world of modeling, also frequently shares gorgeous pictures of herself from her shoots to Instagram, invoking love and positive comments from not only her growing fan base but from her husband as well.

Jamie, on her end, took to the comments of a shirtless photo of her husband posted to Instagram last week to chime in on several fans making comments on how “hot” her husband is and reminded them that he is, in fact, a married man. She also left a comment on the post to let him know how handsome she thinks he is.

Though outside of the cryptic messages, both of their social media accounts show no signs of trouble in their relationship, and they’ve been posting photos of themselves as usual.