Beyonce Opens Up About One Of Her Twin Babies’ Hearts Stopping During Labor After ‘Difficult Pregnancy’

Christopher PolkGetty Images for NARAS

Beyonce surprised fans with the sudden release of her Netflix documentary, Homecoming, which dropped on Wednesday morning.

In the nearly 2.5-hour documentary, the singer opens up about several personal details, including a particularly traumatic event — the birth of her twin babies in June 2017. As reported by The Daily Mail, Bey revealed that she had to undergo an emergency C-section after one of them stopped breathing momentarily, although she didn’t mention which one of the babies she was referring to. She and rapper husband, Jay-Z, welcomed their twins Rumi and Sir Carter nearly two years ago, joining older sister Blue Ivy.

The Lemonade hitmaker offered fans a rare glimpse at her life events leading up to last year’s Coachella, which she headlined. She discussed how her second pregnancy took a toll on her body, revealing she was 218 pounds the day she gave birth.

“My body went through more than I knew it could.”

“I had an extremely difficult pregnancy. I had high blood pressure,” she said in the much-anticipated Netflix documentary, adding that she developed preeclampsia and that one of the babies’ heartbeat paused various times while still in the womb, which is why she had to get an emergency cesarean.

While most of the film is focused on her highly-praised Coachella performance, some footage dispersed between clips of the show depicts the artist during the final days of her pregnancy, as well as in the hospital giving birth and meeting her babies for the first time. Jay is also by her side, and he is seen adorably kissing one of the babies.

The mother of three also discusses the struggles she faced when trying to shed the baby weight in order to be in impeccable shape for the concert. She followed a strict diet and fitness regime that saw her vowing never to push herself like that again. Bey explained that she excluded bread, carbs, sugar, dairy, meat, fish, and alcohol from her diet.

“It’s not like before when I could rehearse 15 hours straight. I have children. I have a husband. I have to take care of my body. Just trying to figure out how to balance being a mother of a six-year-old and of twins that need me, and giving myself creativity, and physically, there’s a lot to juggle,” she added.

Beyonce is also seen FaceTiming her husband to proudly show him that she managed to fit back into one of the outfits she wore during her “Formation World Tour.” The 4:44 rapper laughs and congratulates his wife for reaching her goal.

Fans of the singer can stream Homecoming on Netflix now.