State Attorney Kim Foxx Called R. Kelly A ‘Pedophile’ And His Lawyers Are Not Having It

On Tuesday, State Attorney Kim Foxx’s text messages with staffers were released. In these, she calls embattled singer R. Kelly a pedophile. Kelly’s lawyers got wind of the news, and they aren’t impressed. According to TMZ, Kelly’s attorney — Steven Greenberg — called her language “outrageous”.

Foxx texted with staffers on March 8 on the subject of recusing herself from the Jussie Smollett case, and while talking about Smollett — who she called a “washed up celebrity” — she compared his case to Kelly’s, per CBS. Foxx said that she believed Smollett was being treated too harshly, as compared to the singer.

“Pedophile with 4 victims 10 counts. Washed up celeb who lied to cops, 16. On a case eligible for deferred prosecution I think it’s indicative of something we should be looking at generally. Just because we can charge something doesn’t mean we should.”

The messages are being held up as proof that Foxx didn’t completely recuse herself from the case, as she had previously stated.

“I don’t want any speculation or concern. I don’t even want the appearance that my involvement with this case, having now seen or talked to a family member, would in any way impede this investigation,” she said on March 27, according to ABC. “So, I made the decision in that consultation to say, ‘Wall me off.'”

But Greenberg says that Foxx’s comments are out of line, particularly considering that the singer hasn’t been convicted of a crime at this time. Greenberg says that her evident bias against the singer is a bigger deal than the way she belittled Smollett, and shows a lack of objectivity. Beyond the insults, R. Kelly’s legal counsel says that the way Foxx converses with her employees is evidence of a larger problem in the Cook County State Attorney’s Office. Greenberg says that these texts show that Foxx’s office is “dysfunctional and chaotic.”

Despite that, Greenberg hasn’t said that he wants Foxx removed from the case. Instead, he is looking into additional evidence before he makes any moves. Once the lawyer is ready, he says that he will then make a decision.

Kelly has faced a rough week, having been left with a negative bank account balance after a former landlord seized his assets. As The Inquisitr reported, Kelly owed back taxes on his music studio rent, and the landlord sued him — and Sony Music Holdings — to recover the money. The landlord won a $173,000 judgment against the singer. When the sum was withdrawn, it left the singer with negative $13 in one of his bank accounts.

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